Information about price adjustments related to reduced value added tax in Germany from July 1, 2020


We would like to remind you that the German Government decided to temporarily reduce the value added tax (VAT) from July 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020. The German tax rates will change from

  • 19% to 16% (regular VAT rate)
  • 7% to 5% (reduced VAT rate)

It is the aim of the German Government that retailers pass on the reduction to customers through lower prices. VAT reduction will not be automatically applied for your prices on Amazon, since uploaded prices are gross prices (tax inclusive). To lower your prices, you can use various tools in Seller Central*:

*Please note that for Books, the Fixed Books Price (FBP) still applies.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Selling on Amazon related to the VAT reduction, visit our Help Page here.

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