Is anyone else having problems with listing items for sale since the new listing page?


I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere in the forums so curious to know if anyone else is finding listing items for sale very difficult and slow? Almost daily I’ve had problems since this new listing page. Today’s problem - listed approx 20 books this morning and only 1 showing in my inventory. I’ve also only had the one confirmation email to say “Listing Confirmation”. I hardly ever had problems with the old listing page, ok it looked a bit old and dated, but it was very reliable. This new listing page is awful, and a big step back in my opinion.

It just seems listing new stock is slow and hard work with Amazon this past few weeks. Anyone else finding the same?

Amazon Seller App Not Working
Items not listing in inventory or for sale

I’ve only ever used the “new” listing page, no problems aside from yesterday.


I’ve had problems listing books today.
Some are not showing up in the listing or inventory at all, some show up immediately.
Haven’t had a confirmation e-mail for weeks.


Mmmmmmm, that’s really odd then because I’m having almost daily problems with stock taking hours to show in inventory. Today seems the worst with only 1 item out of approx 20 showing.


In the last 20mins I’ve just tested it by listing another book - showed up almost straight away. All the books from midday apart from one not showing. I have found listing stock on Amazon very tedious, slow, and glitchy.


Glad you’ve started this thread, thought it was just me. I’ve also been having problems both yesterday and today, around 30% of my freshly listed books are not showing in my inventory, some more than 24 hours later. Wondering if this issue is only affecting books as we all seem to be booksellers?? I’ve been getting listing emails only for the ones that are showing in my inventory. The rest seem to just have been eaten by Amazon’s system. I tried to have an online chat with SS earlier but it never connected me to an operative- I gave up after 15 minutes. The whole place is falling apart.

In general, I don’t like the new listing page, it’s more change for the sake of it, and any change with Amazon never seems to be an improvement, only ever a backward step.


We’ve got a problem where it’s saying that information like fabric composition is missing but when you go into inventory to double check the info is there and correct as per the template requirements.


Ok, so I have just spent the last hour checking shelves that I’ve put fresh stock on in the past few days. I hadn’t noticed, but approx 40-50% of the stock I added on Wednesday is also not in my listings! I’m not sure going forward how confident I am adding new stock at the moment…

It might be worth other sellers reading this, who have also added stock (books?) over the past week to just do a quick test and see if there are any items not added to their inventory.


I haven’t listed anything for a few days, but has anyone reported this to Amazon ?


Listed 40 items yesterday and only 6 showing. Same items listed on eBay have sold so Amazon missing out again. Just listing new lines on eBay now until the lines listed yesterday start to show


Cheers Andy. It’s been very difficult on here listing stock for a few weeks now. This latest problem of stuff not listing at all is serious. Like you I have been working on that other site a bit more than usual…


Yes its shocking that you cant actually list items to sell on the worlds largest sales platform…


Also its just books that are affected? Any other category we list in goes on instantly but nothing listed in books is showing


I thought I’d give it another go at listing stock…

12 items listed approx 2 hours ago. Only 4 showing in my inventory, for which I received the automatic Listing Confirmation email for each of the 4 items. The other 8 items are missing - although they did seem to list ok, I didn’t receive the Listing Confirmation email, and they are not in my inventory.

I have spoken to Seller Support on the phone who said they haven’t heard of any problems. Unfortunately the line got cut off when the SS representative tried to further connect me to the technical team.

So, for now and until it’s fixed it looks like I won’t be listing any further stock on here.


Well done for reporting.
I think the problem is when these technical glitches arise, unless anyone reports it, then they do not know, and I guess most of us tend to think someone else might report the issue so don’t bother.
The more people make them aware, the sooner it might be resolved.


Thanks, but this is why I didn’t report it to SS before…

Just received a response from SS telling me how to add products for sale on Amazon. Absolutely no reference at all to the problem with listings not showing in inventory. Nope. Instead I have been sent instructions for how to add a product.

I don’t know what else I can do. Hopefully others will report the same problem in the hope someone from SS will pick up on it…


Yep, I’ve had the same when telling them that the merge is not working, or wanting to correct an error on the page.
They just do not read the problem correctly - again probably a bot response.

I would respond to their email saying their reply is irrelevant and does not answer the question you asked and if they are not able, to please pass on to a manager.
I do find (sometimes !) if you keep on at them they will finally get it !


Well, I’ve just spent and hour and a half talking to SS, halfway through I was passed to someone with greater knowledge and tools but even then, they couldn’t work out what the problem was! At least they grasped there is an issue- they had me attempting to list stuff while they waited and it didn’t work. They have now passed the case to a more technical department and have said I will get a response via email. It better not have gone to the Black Hole department, that’s all I can say…

I did emphasise there is a thread about this and that it’s not just me, other sellers are affected. It’s a wider problem.
We wait…!


It sounds like you got further than me! Out of 12 items listed this morning I only have 4 showing. It’s the same pattern as yesterday and the day before, and for all I know it could of been happening for longer!

Thx for contacting SS. The more of us that do hopefully they will see there is a problem


Yes, it’s incredibly annoying, you just can’t trust the listing will appear and I expect it will turn out they are gone forever and we will have to waste time listing them all over again! Typical that I just took delivery of a big pile of stock and can’t get on and process it until they sort this mess out.

I had a further communication from SS asking me for more information, or rather, asking me to repeat information I had already given during the 90 minute chat…

Duly supplied. Will let you know what more they say.

Incidentally, I haven’t had a single order today, which is extremely unusual. Hope it’s not another glitch.