Know Your Customer (KYC) account verification


I have been selling for 18 months and I now had this KYC verification. My seller account is setup under a limited company. When I check under the Business and Contact Information it asks for “Proof of Registration” and the button to upload says “Upload Registration Extract”, as in the image attached. Is this the company registration certificate they are asking ? Also, can I send a pdf file or does it have to be a scan of the print out or an image taken by my mobile. I just want to make sure I submit it in the right format. Also is there a time limit in which I have to submit this information?.


No it’s a current registration extract. I think companies house call it a “Current Appointments Report”. You can get it free from - Find the company, then click “Order information on this company”


Thanks BarryM - I followed the instructions and downloaded a pdf called Appointment Report not Registration Extract, see attached, I just want to submit the right document. Is there a deadline in submitting these documents? In the email that I received does not give me a deadline by which I must submit these information.


I would upload it as soon as possible and certainly within a week.


But the document requested is Registration Extract and the one I got to is called Appointment Report, see the image in previous reply. Is this the right file to send?


Yes thats the one, download it the first page should be titled “Current Appointments Report for:”

We recently went through this again, once docs uploaded approval within 24 hours and that was a weekend.


registration extract is the same as current appointments report


Thanks Garden_Gnome. Do I simply upload the Current Appointments Report as a pdf file?
The second file they asked to upload is passport, would that be my passport information page with the photo? do they accept a clear image taken by my phone?


Yes upload the report as pdf.

A photo of my passport was accepted taken with a phone. I took one photo of the passport open on the photo page. As it’s so reflective it is hard to get a photo without the flash showing. I had to take a photo under a lamp with the flash off in the end.


You could call seller verification if you are unsure, the guys in Cork walked me through the process.
They talked me through logging onto companies house and what was needed, then waited to double check it was uploaded to them


Thank you for your responses. How do I reach to seller verification?


after you login to seller central page, just click the HELP button in top right corner, that will lead you to seller support team.
and for the deadline, as my memory, it is 30 days from the day of this KYC notification email.
hope this help, good luck, mate


Thank you guys for your support. I submitted the Current Appointments Report and an image of my passport last night and after around 12hours, I got a message saying all the information has been verified. Very much appreciated.



I have the same issue, the only problem is my dad opened the Amazon account and the company was in his name…since then he has transferred 100% of the company to my name, he is still involved in the business but not on the paper…what should I do? Upload my details or get my dad added onto the company again and just upload his info? Really stuck on how to deal with this

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