Large Number of Units "Not Received" by Amazon


Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has any pointers for what to do next.
We shipped 12 cartons containing 24 units of a product which totals 288 units using Amazon Partner Carrier (UPS)

They were delivered on December 01, 2022. Each box weighs 10kg. Contents totalled 288 units. Only 6 units were received and shipment was closed. We tracked the cartons via UPS and all 12 cartons were succesfully delivered to Amazon. The items cost a lot of money and Amazon received just 6 units which is simply not possible as each carton has 24 units. I opened a case on 21st December with Amazon and they basically came back the next day and said they have checked and their count is accurate. It is diabolical and I am wondering what I could do at this stage. I’m losing my mind regarding this and the business is just too small to have this level of loss. Has anyone gone through this before? Any advice is welcome.


Reconcile the shipment and when you get a rubbish reply from Seller Support (let’s face it, you will), immediately escalate the case to


Thank you for your reply. I will do this right away. How do I escalate the case? Would it be via email quoting the case number? I’m so confused at the moment.


Via email, include as much detail as possible, including the shipment number, tracking for the shipment, case number etc

be clear and concise, and to the point.


Thanks a lot, you are a lifesaver.


You should also get the BOL from UPS which will confirm the parcel weights.


How do I go about getting this?


Send ups customer services an email and ask, it’ll have the parcel weight on when they had it so will confirm the weight = 24 units


Thank you…


Just wanted to give an update that the issue has now been resolved after I took your helpful advice and contacted the MD. Thanks once again.