Logging official complaint to Amazon


we uploaded a table with a full list of trustees including full name ( and middle names) , date of birth and address. But uploaded 4 trustees as beneficial owners


Check that the information you have actually sent, matches exactly with the information held by Companies House and is identical to the information held by Amazon.
There is obviously something wrong with what you are sending them, whether it’s in the format or the spelling etc.


Hi Neil - thanks we will try again. Do you have any advice about what to do if they don’t give us the funds?


All that needs to happen here, is to make sure the verification goes through.
Once it does, you won’t have an issue.
After that, if you can’t get past it, then there are only two routes that you can follow really.
Either mediation, or via the MD.
Obviously there is always legal action, but if you want to continue to sell, then there is only the one real option, and that is to simply get past this.


Hi Neil - ok that’s fine - thank you for your help.


For instance on your seller profile page the first line of your address is different to what’s on CH



What does it say?




Hello all, can you please help - this keeps coming up:


We have uploaded our articles of association several times

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