Missing inventory Amazon refuses to investigate


I send such small boxes in no more than 20 units at a time and yet they still lose items . I constantly fight with the auto responses . I only ever get wait until it can be reconciled so I wait then I try to reconcile and I can’t because they say investigation complete all units accurate . So they won’t allow me to dispute it and I’m out a couple thousand pounds easily . Does anyone have any answers on how to contact someone to resolve this . I have had no success to this point .


I have had no joy in this area. They say they have double checked. I tell them I have double checked too but they insist they are not wrong.

It is making FBA almost impossible.

I have another problem where Amazon continually label my products wrongly. They then send out the wrong product. It is normally returned damaged and Amazon charge me the FBA fees. Amazon just refuse to accept responsibility.

My products are bulky so I can not afford to label them myself.


Obviously I don’t know what your product is but you say small boxes of 20 units. If these items are continually being lost then it may be pertinent to look at your own packaging to see if this can be improved upon to prevent losses. A couple of thousand pounds is a lot of money not to resolve. For contact, your best option is probably to email the managing director and your issue will be dealt with.


I think, given what you say, you probably will have to label your own products. You say you cannot afford to do so but how much is labelling costing compared to your losses? We have been doing FBA for over five years and it is our main method of fulfilment. In those five years, there have been a number of items damaged in the FC and reimbursed but not a single item has ever been lost. Not one. We send large and small items, of all shapes and sizes and all are properly packaged to meet Amazon drop test guidelines. Again, you may need to look at how your own products are packaged and labelled.


In the most recent example I sent in 2 cases. In each case there was 2 SKUs equally split.

It is clear they have done it wrong as the quantities they have receipted are not equal.

In order to label it myself I would have to get the product sent from the manufacturer to me instead of Amazon. I would have to take each item out and label it. This would be quite time consuming due to the size of the items and the way they are packed.

I would then need to pay to send them to FBA.

This extra cost is probably less than the losses but both are making it impossible to compete.

I understand anyone can make a mistake but I get very frustrated when Amazon punish sellers so severely but when they make a mistake they say that’s impossible.


When you say not one has been lost - do you mean on inbound?
Amazon over the last five years have lost several thousands of our items within the warehouse. It does tend to vary based on what you sell - bulky items seem to not go missing as often.
Amazon don’t reimburse warehouse lost items unless you claim. Lost items can be located in the inventory adjustments report.


Amazon rarely admit they are wrong.

I would as has been suggested email the MD email address asking for a resolution and reimbursement for missing items.

If this is unsuccessful your only hope then may be taking action against Amazon to reclaim the value of lost units under their reimbursement policy value. Also for losses incurred by their negligence in performance of labelling service.


No, I mean inbound and in the warehouse. Not a single item has ever disappeared. We are talking thousands of items too. I would reckon on maybe 50 or 60 have been damaged over the years and all have been properly reimbursed. We have never needed to chase Amazon for payment of these, they have all been done within the 45 day period and all have been fair. We do send some quite small items, which are the easiest to lose, but we tend to put them in brightly coloured packaging, which makes them stand out. A neon pink or luminous green packet is hard to miss :smile:


That is pretty impressive. They have got a lot better in the last few years. In general when we had a lot more stock in Amazon there would be about £10k+ per year of reimbursements. In one year total reimbursements were over £60k - but the majority of that was due to the fire - with the remainder being mainly lost items not associated with the fire.

For other forum users who aren’t aware how to track lost items.

Find the Inventory Adjustment Report under FBA Reports;

Items coded M are Missing Units
Items coded F are Found Units

You can manually reconcile these using excel. Although Amazon now have an “Inventory Reconcile” page in the FBA Reports section where you can enter the ASINs / SKUs to check for stock variances.

You then need to email Seller Support to reimburse you for any lost units.


I know it is frustrating for sellers but sometimes you have to take a step back. It’s not an excuse for losses but these fulfilment centres contain literally millions of items and the turnaround of sold items and new items being received every day is immense. It’s not an excuse but it is a reason. I think a lot of couriers (including Royal Mail) would be up the proverbial "s*** creek, without a paddle, without Amazon’s business. It’s that big !


I’m also having stock issues with Amazon. They have taken a carton of my stock under their Global sales program. Fair enough my setting were enabled for that.

However, they took the stock with NO notice whatsoever (an email would have been a courtesy) and I’ve seen it for sale on another site. Yet a month later I am still waiting for payment, and every time I ask they say they are ‘investigating’ and thank me for my patience.

I think it’s a disgrace that the richest company on Earth thinks it’s acceptable to treat people like this, I’m not a charity. Funny how they expect us to be patient when they owe us money, but whenever we owe them money they take it instantly.

Could you get your manufacturer to label them? Mine does it for free.


I’ve been having this same issue, they are losing my inventory which we label, when they find it they miss label it and send it out incorrectly.

The crazy part is they refuse to investigate any or it properly so I end up up with inappropriate negative reviews.

Given the increased push for seller fufilled prime (originally £50 a month fee, now they are waiving commissions to get people to join) and the plummetting services of FBA/seller support, it leads me to believe they have serious issues in the UK with their warehousing and fufillment model/management which are substainable. Just my take though.


I find that incredible.

Even if I send a shipment of 200 identical units in 50 cases of 4 they will often receipt 198 units or something similar. It is clear that all 50 boxes have arrived. They still argue that they are correct.

They also argue they are correct if they receipt 201 units.

I did a warehouse tour and I really wanted to see how the receiving worked but they did not show us that bit.

I met a quite senior manager on the tour who was shocked by some of the things that were happening to me. He promised to get someone in the right department to speak to me. We exchanged a few emails and he had to give up as he could not find anyone.


Hmm, I wonder why? :thinking:

The situation must be incredibly frustrating for you (and for other sellers) when you know what you have sent but then it doesn’t tally at the other end. Not sure what the answer is but I think if this was me, I would have to think along the lines of building in the discrepancies as losses and adjusting my prices accordingly to absorb the losses until somebody figures out what the problem is.


It it worth asking your manufacturer to label the products before sending?


I sell HP ink toner cartridges . Packaging is factory so I have to say should be very easy for them . I often wonder if the employees pocket them and sell them to pad their own wages . i know they are rammed rodded with incoming and outgoing packages but it’s just frustrating when one lost item can cost me over 100 pounds in sales .