Multi-Channel Software to integrate between Amazon MCF and ETSY, NOTONTHEHIGHSTREET & EBAY


Can anyone share from their experience using a 3rd party Software for multi-channel fulffilment? Amazon had mentioned the following Software providers on the official page of the MCF Program:
Channel Advisor





Can anyone share which is the easiest to use? did you hire a developer for the API or is it straight-forward integration?




We use linnworks; not the cheapest but it does work


To be clear : with Linnworks, you are able to fulfil orders from other marketplaces (ETSY,EBAY ETC) by using the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment API?



yes. Have a look on thier website. Takes a lot of setting up


I created my own website using woocommerce then used plugins on that to connect to ebay and amazon (I am sure there will be other plugins for the other channels but you would have to check).
Not the simplest solution as you need a bit of website development knowledge (not a huge amount but it helps) but probably the cheapest solution. Orders flow into my website from the other channels and stock is then synched across them. I can also use the plugins to list a product on amazon/ebay.
I looked at some of the other 3rd party solutions a couple of years ago - but they all seemed very expensive for what they actually did or I found problems or features lacking.

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