New Requirement: Country of Origin information required for your products


After August 22, sellers are required to provide Country of Origin (COO) information for all product listings. This ensures FBA Export orders are sent across the UK-EU border smoothly and improves quality of product listings.

This change will have the following impact on your listings:

  1. New listings: You will be unable to create new listings without selecting your products COO information from the drop-down menu.
  2. Existing listings You will be unable to edit existing listings until you have provided COO information.

These changes will come into effect after August 22, 2021. Please be sure to update COO information for your products before this date.

Amazon is continuously working to improve the Add a Product tool. These efforts include improving listing quality and consistency within our detail pages to enable sellers to describe their products better. This also increases customer confidence in making more informed purchasing decisions.

In addition, although Pan-EU FBA and EFN are no longer operating across the UK-EU border, our FBA Export program continues to function. This allows EU customers to visit the website and UK customers to visit EU stores and order products direct to their home address on the opposite side of the border.

For more information, go to Providing Country of Origin information for your products.

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One important point,

we have a series of products we sell which are made in the UK

but another seller has contributed the country of origin as China
this is what appears on the customer facing pages.

we have tried repeatedly to get this corrected - keep being told ‘it is brand registered’ ‘only the brand owner can make these changes’

But of course once again it was not the brand owner who uploaded (and had accepted) this incorrect data.

Can you please assure us that the data we upload for country of origin (COO) is separate from the data shown to customers and cannot be corrupted by ‘bad players’

As we are not in control of the page but obviously in control of the correct origin data


Can you confirm if we don’t edit existing listings then they stay active and are not suppressed because the COO has not been entered?

That the only requirement is to add the COO when you amend an existing listing or create a new one?

It will be quite a job to go through all our listings and enter the correct COO. To do this accurately we would have to go through each stock item and check against the original paperwork or the item the exact country of origin.

Also if the we didn’t set the listing up in the first place do we have the ability to set the COO?

Also occasionally we have the same product from a UK supplier but it is sometimes made in India and sometimes in Bangladesh. What do we set for the COO then or do we need a different SKU for each COO?


We ship UK only and MFN so I guess we don’t need to worry about this then?


I think it impacts everyone. You still have to set the COO even if you just ship in the UK and don’t use FBA


So what happens when manufacturer’s switch production sites over time or have multiple production lines in different countries?


This is where it doesn’t work especially with multiple sellers selling the same item. I have might have a batch made in India and someone else a batch made in Bangladesh…what is the correct COO?

I can understand why they need the information for customs but if it only for FBA exports that it is required it would be better to ask when you create the FBA shipment as you can give accurate information for that batch of products.


It’s there usual level of think-though when implementing a new requirement then, and not just me.


In my naivety and reading of the email,I understood it to be where it was being sent from…am I wrong?


No one is going to be checking the accuracy of your declaration. So if you input UK, then that is what it is. The same way if someone just selects “China” fro all their items to “save time”, that will also stick.


I am hoping it is for each seller to contribute about their own stock,
otherwise again we are doing the legwork for other sellers (and perhaps even doing the legwork for amazon retail themselves)


“After August 22, sellers are required to provide Country of Origin (COO) information for all product listings. This ensures FBA Export orders are sent across the UK-EU border smoothly and improves quality of product listings.”

So it is only those using FBA that have to do this then?


As far as i can see it;s everybody.


Can you please define “edit”, does that apply to inventory, in/out of stock etc. So for example, an item goes out of stock, we use a third party system, it then goes back in stock 2 weeks later, will the update to stock levels be blocked?


If you input Uk,it automatically says Ukraine as a 2 letter abbreviation suffices.That’s why I have typed ENGLAND .I can find no other .


I have just gone further down the drop down and Great Britain is there…way way down.Nothing is in alphabetical order.,of course.


that would make sense if only for FBA but this is Amazon and they are probably expecting us to do all their research for them.



More detailed. Looks like everyone has to do this even if you don’t use FBA. And it isn’t just where you are sending from either…

"‘Rules of origin determine where your goods originate from and which goods are covered in preference agreements. This means that the origin is the economic nationality of goods being imported and exported (where they have been produced or manufactured). It is not just where they have been shipped or bought from. If two or more countries are involved in the production, the goods are deemed to have originated in the country or territory where they were last substantially worked or processed.’

If you are still unsure about which country you should use as the SKU’s COO, please directly contact your suppliers who are best placed to support you or a customs broker."

What a complete waste of time for those of us not selling outside the UK.


for example Microsoft XBOX games are generally produced in CZ, PL or DE and can vary from delivery to delivery. even one quantity of a single title from the distributor might be from multiple production sites.


Yep…ridiculous.So I would have to look at every single cd I have listed and check country of manufacture…all 8864 of them individually.