Not featuring for certain sponsored ads even though they are 'delivering' and relevant


Hi there,

Hoping someone can help as I find Amazon Seller Support at best; contradictory and at worst; useless.

For over two weeks now I have bid 20p over the recommended bid for two keywords that have large search volumes and are essential to my sponsored campaigns and sales.

Since setting them up, campaign manager has marked them as ‘delivering’.

However I have never featured as a sponsored product in the listings for these two keywords and I don’t know why.

I have set up other, similar keywords as sponsored ads and these are showing in the listings without issue.

But I can’t get to the bottom of why these two particular keywords won’t list.

At First Seller Support told me it was because I had selected ‘Phrase’, Broad’ and Exact match for the keywords in question. So I selected ‘exact’ only for the keywords and still no show.

Then Seller Support told me it might be because I have a 10% voucher on the listing and the sponsored ads may not be permitted with a voucher. However, my other sponsored keywords are listing fine with the voucher.

The two keywords are completely relevant to the product and the same keywords feature in my title, bullet points and product description.

Does anyone know why they might not be listing? I’m tearing my hair out here with shoddy Amazon Seller Support!

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