Not sure how to send my items to FBA - they usually sell without packaging


I have items which are essentially folded cardboard - about the size of a 12" LP and less than 2cm thick. They just come loose in boxes of 50 with no packaging - they have manufacturer barcodes on them. Do I have to individually polybag each one for FBA? On all other channels they just go in the postage bag no problems - they don;t need a bag and it seems a waste of plastic.

What should I do?


You need to prepare them in the way that you would send them out yourself.
So if your just polybagging them, then that’s the way to go.
Basically, all Amazon will do, is throw them in a box (Probably) and send them out.
It all depends on exactly how much you trust them to package properly.


cheers. thanks for the guidance


In addition to the previous advice, you could review this document with detailed prep guidance depending on the product type: