Prime Day 2020: Submit Deals and Vouchers Now!


Submit your deals and vouchers for Prime Day 2020: Lightning Deals, Spotlight Deals and Prime Targeted Vouchers. Prime Day 2019 was another record-breaking success for independent third-party sellers —in particular small and medium-sized businesses.

It is important to act fast and submit your Deals now, for a chance to have your deal considered for this event. Recommendations for Prime Day are dynamic, so please continue to check back on the recommendations page regularly.

How to submit Lightning Deals?

Click here to go to the Deal Dashboard, click create a new Deal, choose Lightning Deal, select a product among your recommendations and click Select. Then click continue to next steps.

Submit Your Lightning Deals

How to submit Spotlight Deals?

You can submit your selection for Spotlight Deal consideration by submitting your ASINs as a Lightning Deal on Seller Central, which must match or beat the Spotlight Deal criteria outlined below. This is an opportunity to get premium visibility on “Today’s Deals” page during the event.

  • At least 30% off the current site price
  • The lowest price so far in 2020 (including previous Promotions pricing)
  • New condition
  • Products that have 4.0-star rating or higher and at least 5 reviews
  • Images that match the style guide
  • Must not have been on deal as any deal type for 30 days before Prime Day

If you do not wish to run Spotlight Deals you can exclude your account from Spotlight Deal consideration, by completing this survey. Otherwise, your selection may be upgraded to a Spotlight Deal. Please note that by completing this survey you are opting out your account from Spotlight Deal upgrades across all ASINs and EU marketplaces.

You can also run Prime Targeted Vouchers during Prime Day to offer discounts on a single product or a set of products. Click here to create your Voucher. Currently you can create these in UK, DE and FR.

For Prime Day, Vouchers must be:

  • At least 20% off current website price
  • At least 3.0-star review rating
  • ASIN must be Prime eligible
  • Vouchers can be created until the Prime Day event (unlike other deal types)
  • Select Prime members as your customer target

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