Prime Day 2021 submission window open


The Lightning Deals and Prime Member Voucher submission window for Prime Day 2021 is now open. Prime Day (PD) is Amazon’s largest global shopping event exclusively for Prime members, offering great deals and exclusive content.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 23, 2021 for Lighting Deals, and Friday, May 28, 2021 for Prime Member Voucher. Submit your promotions now for a chance to have your deal considered for this event.

Note: You can run your Lightning Deals once per week.

How to submit your Lightning Deal:

  1. Go to the Deals dashboard (Seller Central > Advertising > Deals)
  2. Click on Create a new deal
  3. Click on Lightning Deals against Show eligible products for, and select any ASIN that shows ‘Prime Day Week’ available

We recommend that you create deals with the following criteria:

  • At least 20% or £50/€50 lesser than the current site price
  • Must match/beat the lowest price of the year
  • Strong sales history
  • 3.5+ star rating
  • Images that match our style guide

How to submit your Prime Member Vouchers:

  • Go to Seller Central > Advertising > Vouchers > Create a new voucher
  • Schedule the vouchers on the exact placeholder dates provided, by May 28, to qualify for Prime Day Voucher date adjustment


WIth new Reduced Inventory levels, it is impossible to participate in Prime Day event. There is a drastic decline of more than 50% of Allowed inventory levels within 10 days while maintaining a healthy IPI 751 and consumed only 11.15 space from unlimited allowed space.
Amazon need to revisit their system, there might be some glitch which reduced allowed inventory levels of fast moving items.


So prime will be last week of August this year? I hope the FBA storage issue will not be solved until then


or the throw money away deal as I call it


Can’t send a single item in and won’t be able to for weeks, like many others. So have no concept of how you expect anyone to get stock in.

Even if we could, with your crazy restock levels implemented this week and the hit they’ve put on our profits there’s no way we’re going to be marking a load of stock down to reduce even more.


As others have stated, the new restock limits for inventory make it impossible for sellers to participate in the Prime event so if you really want participation then please consider the seller feedback and revise this new inventory policy.


As all have said, restock limits make this impossible

Also, very little commercial sense in damaging business for 12 weeks to have 1 or two days of boom sales

We have a sell through rate of over 3, zero stranded, excess of 3% only but worst metric is in stock of 68%

So we get penalised for not having no enough stock in and at the same time blocked from sending stock in

Although IPI not linked to restock, even that is not calculated correctly as we are at 398, with the only metric dragging that down is in stock

I have seen people screenshots with scores of over 750 with far worse excess inventory and sell through of under 1.5

The logic of counting in stock rate for IPI makes zero sense as it effectively means they saying you don’t have enough stock, but then limit you

The important metrics are all excellent I.e excess / stranded / sell through


Until Amazon reciprocate by offering to discount or waive referral fees for these deals we will not be participating.

If it works for others then I applaud you but I do not like a relationship with a business partner where they expect us to give up our margin but they expect to profit from us by retaining theirs.


I agree, the new inventory level requirements make it almost impossible to participate and send in inventory. I have 58 SKUs and only a 2300 unit limit? I sell through over 2500 units a month. How is that even reasonable? I see huge problems coming from this, let alone making it virtually impossible for sellers to add new SKUs because this will come directly at the cost of existing SKU units.


so we can all agree prime day is at the end of August?


We can agree whatever we want, just like buy shipping labels not printing yesterday, Amazon are not telling sellers when prime day is as of right now.