Problem changing bank account to 3rd party payee


there is no way to add a new account holder. We are wanting to “sell” our future sales for cash upfront.


Is this a question regarding updating your deposit method in the Seller Central or your Amazon Payments account?

Here you can review the instructions for updating your deposit method within the Seller Central:

And here are the ones related to Amazon Payments:


What you propose sounds like fraudulent activity to me.
You want to add a 3rd party recipient for the cash from the sales made on your account?
Why not simply transfer the money to your own bank and make a bank transfer to the 3rd party?
What you describe seems like money laundering


That doesn’t sound like a good idea at all.

I have a UK and German bank Account and when sales in the EU marketplaces picked up and I needed access to more euros decided I wanted to add my euro account (which from buying stock was running low on cash) i had to go through a whole bunch of verification that the account added matched my details.

So if you add a third party bank acccount you may not be able to pass amazon verification checks.

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