Problems Marking Orders as Dispatched


Hello all.
I am having a problem marking orders as dispatched. I have checked the usual boxes and added my shipping method " Royal Mail 1st Class Stamps/Franking" in each tracking box, but today it only marked 1 of my 3 orders as dispatched and gave me an error notice saying that I can’t put the same tracking number in for multiple orders.
I have tried to get a callback but the service isn’t available so thought I would post here to see if anyone knows why this is happening? Thank you


as its stamps/franking you shouldn’t be entering anything in the tracking box - you leave it blank

you choose 1st class stamps/franking from the drop down menu, you don’t enter that in the tracking field


Thanks for your reply, but this is what I was told to do by Amazon right from the beginning and have been doing so since I opened my shop several years ago. I was told I had to enter something into the box for the VTR


If you are using franking/stamps there is no tracking to enter in the box though. It is exempt from VTR i believe


unfortunately you were told wrong

if you read the VTR policy it clearly states that you choose stamps/franking from the drop down option and leave the tracking field blank - as there is no tracking


Yes I know that it’s exempt…I was just going by what an Amazon agent told me to do. I will try it without anything then and see what happens thanks


Your best bet is to follow the policies and help guides. SS lack support, training and resources it seems.


OK Thanks, I will try it without putting anything in the box then… just puzzled that this has been working the same way for several years up until today which is the first time I’ve had any issue, so I had no idea I had been told the wrong thing ! x


it would seem so !


What’s your VTR?


It means your Valid Tracking Rate x


I meant what’s your vtr as a percentage?


Oh!!! HAHAHA! Sorry, it’s been a long week :joy: It’s 0% N/A


Which one - it can’t be both ?

N/A is acceptable
0% could result in category suspensions


Sorry, all of the stats on my account health page are at 0% but it does say N/A for the VTR x