Register your Intellectual Property rights faster with IP Accelerator


We are happy to announce the launch of Intellectual Property (IP) Accelerator in Europe. IP Accelerator makes it easier and more cost effective for small and medium-sized businesses to register IP rights and start protecting their brands.

Obtain your IP rights

IP Accelerator connects you with a curated network of trusted IP law firms and trademark experts, providing support with all aspects of the trademark filing process with the EU and UK Intellectual Property Offices.

If you use IP Accelerator, we can provide you with early access to Amazon Brand Registry and its wider brand protection services, to start growing and protecting your brand before your trademark is registered.

To learn more, visit Amazon IP Accelerator page.


will this mean that companies that have no rights to claim ownership of brands will no longer be able to claim the brand and IP rights? as you have many companies that you have given ownership to brands that they have no right to.own.


No need to waste your money.

I have registered my brand through the Amazon IP accelerator program and applied for a brand registry and even though I use amazon recommended service provider (STOBBS) in my case, my brand got rejected for no valid reason. I reapplied but after 1 month I am still waiting as my Brand Registery application is still “under review”.



Doubt it, I’m still stuck with this issue…


you’re better to just go through the normal process tbh


I applied through IPO. I have paid all my fees. I am still waiting for brand registry.
My application is getting rejection.
My rejection reason was

Account involved in Abusive Conduct

IPO should provide complete services rather than just filing. Filling is normal. Any one can file trademark. Main goal is to get brandregistery.


We are on the same boat mate. We all are facing the same issue.


I can see your application 4 February 2021 for a EUIPO trademark.
However, to enroll with Amazon Brand registry UK you will need a UKIPO trademark. Have you already got this?


Yes we do already have it


OK, so additional classes have been added on the 3rd Feb this year to the UK trademark. I’m not sure at what speed this IP "accelerator " programme works but in both cases it’s only been just over a month, looks like there’s still some waiting to do.
I’m not sure what else you can do to speed the process up. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Waiting is not an issue but at least good explanation of the reason of rejection… Now i feel like my brand is never going to register

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