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Hi everyone,

We are having a serious issue with a repeat buyer across the last 10 months with over 60x units ordered, all of course being refunded upon delivery and then being sold on another store in Kuwait.

We’ve raised countless support tickets with no apparent action on this account as we’ve just had another order from the same buyer again this morning. We’ve also sent an email to managingdirector with no reply.

Any idea what we can do? Also why are we are still getting overseas orders when we’ve switched everything off except the UK?



Why are they being refunded ?

If FBA and amazon are refunding the buyer, if they are then reselling elsewhere, they won’t be returning them so amazon should recharge their card and refund you


We cannot see the refunds for this buyer in our reports even if we specifically search for the transactions.

Yet every single purchase under his name comes up as ‘Refund Applied’


No refunds in reports - payments - transaction view ?

Presumably then amazon have refunded them out their own pocket ?!

What is the product ? And where is it being posted to ?


Go to settings - fulfilment by amazon
And ensure Pan EU, EFN and Shipping Programmes and Export Settings are all set to disabled


We can see the initial order then after a couple of weeks after we see the refund but its £0.00 under product charge, promo rebate, other and total.

Computer accessories, posted to Kuwait.


There’s no refund then - maybe it’s a paperwork adjustment amazon are making their side for customs etc
or a return request amazon are refunding themselves due to cross border shipments

To be sending to Kuwait you must have export enabled in fba setttings


Very strange.

We’ve had all of the export settings disabled except from our UK options for some time now (UK excluded from PAN EU) - Not enrolled in EFN.


If it says enabled next to in shipping programmes and export settings, that means you ARE exporting from UK
You need to disable that one if you only want to sell in uk


Oh i was under the impression that was for selling IN the UK (oh dear that’s embarrassing).

Thanks so much for your help, really appreciate it.


If your product is priced under 25 then any customer who buys from outside the UK if you do not have a return address in their country they can claim the product as a free gift by simply pressing the return button which gets them an immediate refund and the item is considered as a returnless refund as Amazon proclaim they are doing this on your behalf (very kind of them to give your goods away for free)


It’s FBA on export programme not fbm so returnless refund does not apply


apologies did not notice that. My fault as I could not see through the red mist as I had another 50 euros stole from my account yesterday with the returnless refunds. Although it should never be able to happen again as I have removed all under 25 inventory from all International sites


You don’t get this sort of rubbish with eBay for one reason only, we are allowed to block bad buyers, why the hell Amazon don’t do this as well is beyond me.

Even the the most ardent Amazon cheer leaders must see this is a bad way to treat sellers


If you read the full thread op hasn’t actually refunded anything - it’s showing on there £0 so it must be either an error or amazon doing something somewhere themselves


Fair enough TLS.

Still far to many bad buyers though

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