Sales Rank and browse node disappearing


Past few days our ASINs are losing Sales Rank (many of thrm are our good sellers) and browse node resulting in listings not showing on Amazon marketplace (and being completely unsearchable). Over 60 ASINs now and they raise each hour. All of them are Active in Seller Central, not Search Suppressed and show as buyable when opened from the DIRECT web link. They are also not searable in search tab in our Amazon Store even though they are present in product list widget. Anyone else observed the same issue?

Possible malicious sabotage

Same thing is happening to us. Our top listings are disappearing from search and not showing up as Ads too. No warnings showing up in search suppressed or performance tabs. What could this be? please help.


Ditto, in a way. Some disappearing from the top rankings and sales rank info nowhere to be seen on the listing, but they’re still showing up in search results. More worrying, the offer of buy 2 get 10% off is also gone. The node is correct. Everything else seems ok.


Bump. Anyone else seeing the same - top ranking listings losing their ranking, completely? In my case, they still show up in searches. Other sellers seem not to be so lucky. And is this just in Handmade, or other sections too?

As said, no warnings, nodes correct, no suppressions, etc.

If anyone has reached someone who actually understands at SS, let us know what they said. Ta.

When checked with the tool -


I’ve had exactly the same issue here with 24 of my handmade listings.

Mine are still searchable and selling well, but very concerning losing the sales rankings.

I’m going to be reaching out to Seller Support soon, my previous experience of dealing with Seller Support for handmade listings has been pretty good in the past, fingers crossed they’ll find a solution and we can all get our listings back to normal.

I closed on Wednesday and spotted yesterday when I re-opened that my sales rankings had disappeared, but listings have continued to sell well throughout yesterday and today, since re-opening.


Keep us posted. Funny, I just came back from holiday mode towards the end of June. Wonder if that’s involved. Sales were good (put it down to end of the month spending), then bam! Almost nothing for 3 days. Then today, doing pretty good.


PS. Is there a way to see your inventory by sales rank? I couldn’t find any reports or ways to see and sort by rank. Is there an external site that pulls out that data?


We have some listings with only sales rank disappearing and some with both disappearing in search and rank. No warnings or emails from Amazon yet.


We had a confirmation yesterday that our listings don’t have browse nodes hence they are not searchable and don’t have sales ranks - they offer to add the browse nodes on their end after providing them with correct category path. After that the case was forwarded to different department and got closed twice with irrelevant response not resolving the issue. Case reopened.


Handmade Seller Support is fantastic, shame they are closed for weekends and we have to deal with general SS that offers no help and just generates more wasted time. Can’t wait until Monday 9am to contact Handmade and be understood with the issue that we have.


Just got Amazon seller support reply: we are investigating the issue and handed over to a specialist.


Keep us posted on the outcome please,

I’m waiting to contact handmade support tomorrow, like AggysHandicrafts is doing.

I’ll post back with any information on the issue after speaking to support. Hopefully, there are becoming aware of the problem and it will get recified shortly.

I have had a similiar issue a while back where a couple of my listings completely dissapeared and these were very good sellers at the time. I contacted Handmade support, who referred it to a technical team, next thing I know the listings came back and I was contacted again saying there wasn’t issue to begin with…well there was lol!


Any updates from Amazon Handmade? Have received nothing yet from SS.


No luck for us - after SEVERAL bounce backs of messages we were not understood with the issue we have (after THOROUGH explanation of the problem) and got a large lot of irrelevant responses. Complete waste of time.


For what it’s worth, I’ve just submitted a case. Not holding out much hope. I’ll let you know what happens.


I’m just raising a case here too.

I’ve also just noticed that after checking all my handmade listings on Saturday, even more listings, today have lost sales ranking figures too, however they are still searchable and selling.

I’ll report back when they respond.


We had 546 listings in Makers Profile on Thursday, every day losing about 50 of them with browse node disappearing so we are down to 393 at the moment and still going down.


I’ve just been on the phone with Handmade Seller Support and they are aware of the issue affecting multiple Handmade Sellers.

The issue appears to be the browse nodes falling off as she described, the technical teams are looking into the issues to try and find the best solution to put them all back again.

She also mentioned they have now received several contacts from sellers regarding these issues.

As usual a much better experience than dealing with Amazon Seller Support, I really do advise speaking to them directly rather than by e-mail.

Fingers crossed this all gets resolved quickly!


Yes, the wasted 2 days with Seller Support should teach me to be more patient and wait for Handmade SS.
Just rang Handmade and was informed that they are aware of the browse node problem and are gathering all the information to find the solution.
It’s nice to be understood and get the acknowledgement of the problem for a change.


I’m having the same problem, but the browse nodes all look ok to me. What are others having? Another example - just literally sold another copy (one of many) - but no ranking - B08128K1KW