Shipment missing after dropping off at local collection point


I dropped a box off at my local UPS collection point just before Christmas. I’ve only just begun selling on Amazon, this was my 4th shipment. UPS haven’t picked it up or have and didn’t scan it and the shop doesn’t have it. When I put the tracking number in UPS it says “Shipment ready for UPS”. I get a text receipt with each drop off at the shop but broke my phone and can’t retrieve my previous texts. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve been batted back & forward between UPS & Amazon


Don’t the shop scan it in when you drop it off? If so, have you asked UPS to check that data?
Could you ask the shop to check their CCTV and maybe provide some confirmation for UPS?


As BarryM has said - don’t the shop scan it or give you a reciept of some description?


They do scan it and I get a text message receipt sent to my phone. I don’t have my text messages from December because I broke my phone. I went into the shop to ask if they have a record of it but they told me to contact UPS! Who told me to contact Amazon again and so on…


They do - see my reply to BarryM. Just been passed back and forth at the moment, so frustrating!


As I understand it:

  • Amazon won’t do anything because it hasn’t hit its first UPS tracking point, which is the van collecting it from the drop off point.
  • UPS won’t do anything about it because the shipment was through Amazon, even though UPS will have the info that it was scanned at the drop off point.

I think your best bet will be to get UPS (or the shop) to admit it was dropped off, then submit that to Amazon. Alternatively you could try getting Amazon to raise a missing shipment case with UPS, but it’s unlikely they’ll do that without having info it was dropped off.


Thanks! Surely UPS are notified through the shop scanning it so the drivers know where to pick up from. I’ll contact them again on Monday and go back to the shop tomorrow.


I understand the phone issue but unless I am mistaken any new phone re-activated recovers messages from the network, (deal with that later)

Aside of the shipment issue. How are things with the customer in terms of expectation, delivery dates and communication?

I would suggest contacting the buyer and explaining that there has been a delay (not to much detail), but that you will re-send the item. At least this way you hopefully avoid bad metrics/feedback and hassle with Amazon - you really do not want that.

Then pursue the missing item in your own time.

Best wishes


Not if the messages have already been delivered or it’s been around a month since the message was sent. Some phones do back the messages up to the cloud though so they can later be recovered.

There is no buyer. It’s for sending stock into an FC.


What does the UPS website say when you enter the tracking number? That will have the confirmation of being received by the drop off point. Also when i drop off at a UPS drop off, the drop off will appear on my fba shipments straight away.


I definitely received a text message confirmation after the shop scanned it. What would I be looking for in my shipments?


Go to the shop - and ask them to check its still not their by accident. It could well have been scanned, but just tucked away in a corner somewhere?

As far as I understand - if the shop have scanned as received - you should be covered for compensation - if you bought the label directly via the Amazon Shipment Creation process?


we had a similiar experience; always bought UPS via Amazon and get them collected. we printed the label and used that to create the collection order on UPS. There were like 6 or 8 parcels; so we we pile them in a corner ready for collection next day.

Usual UPS driver turned up, scanned boxes and off they went. Then we had a problem notice from inbound. One of the shipments has extra items which were strange, as we only do 1 box per shipment and only like 4 SKU max.

When we looked at the shipment, we had exactly 2 extra SKU/qty added to 1 shipment and the shipment that was suppose to be in had never been scanned! So it still has label generated with no onward tracking. However it did turn up at warehouse and got checked in!

This does not quite the same experience as OP but it does happen.

OP, do you have an UPS account? if so, is it linked to your phone? You might get a notification on the portal to say you had dropped it off.


The shop told me to contact UPS. The box is definetly not there now. I did get the label through the create shipment process on Amazon and booked using the tracking number through UPS. I’m phoning UPS back on Monday and going back to the shop today


I have an account that I can access from my phone. When the shop scanned the box UPS should have a record of that surely?


you can’t have gotten a text AND it still show as ready for pick up. There has been a mix up somewhere. Maybe confused 2 different boxes…?


I only dropped off 1 box


At a tangent, I had a very interesting chat with a senior UPS person a few years ago.

He said don’t use the collection point, don’t even use UPS’s own depots. They are not as secure as you think. Whenever you can, get them to collect.


That’s definitely what I’ll be doing now!


Oh. Well it’s still impossible to get a confirmation and then it no longer show on the tracking unless someone at UPS has manually edited the tracking data.

There has definitely been a confusion somewhere and it sounds most like at your end. Obviously the box going missing is an added nightmare but doesn’t change the fact that it can’t be received and not received at the same time.

You do also get the booking SMS - was it that maybe?

It is possible that the shop scanned he booking in label which would have presented all the correct beeps etc but wouldn’t have actually bee received into the UPS network. If it then went missing also is too much of a coincidence too. Which makes me think that possibly what you received by text wasn’t a drop of confirmation.

I scan the label when it prints and it sits there in my UPS account as tracking as if I were receiving it. I also get the texts and emails.

Definitely get it collected from now on - if you don’t right it’s free although they may try to charge you £2 cash at the doorstep if you haven’t entered the tracking number in to the collection booking page.

The only thing you have to hope for I that it just turns up at Amazon one day. Fingers crossed for you.