Shipping address name missing and buyer surname missing... Unable to ship RM signed for with no name


I respectfully suggest you read the original post - that is what I have responded to.


It is disappearing and annoying to match up orders once Ive printed out postage but I now go to print packing labels and leave that on my screen and then I can match up the orders…just madness


Hey, no treading on toes intended :slight_smile:


Having checked a few past orders, it seem addresses are being retrospectively redacted. We had a question from a customer regarding a purchase in July, we have a first name, city and postcode, but nothing else.


No buyer’s name. I’ve always written “Householder”. I’ve never had any issues.


I think they are called Project Managers - and they have thousands (I would imagine) within the regime…

Once one project is signed off, that employee moves onto the next “Project”, and so on


No problem - or hurt toes! It does astonish me that some people can be so casual when entering a delivery addresses details. If I purchase something online I want to give the seller the most clear and correct details for delivery. I do not understand why Amazon and other selling platforms do not use an address lookup database to confirm the details. This would be particularly helpful for overseas dadresses with different formats - unlike the UK (postcode on last line) a lot of European countries have the postcode and region/town/administrative area on the same line. I usually check overseas addresses and find that when correctly formatted they are far less likely to go astray.


Amazon (UK) do provide an address look up facility for buyers - but the buyer has an option to either use the recommended delivery address or stick to their original inputted delivery address. I do not believe eBay use such


Lets face it Amazon are making it nearly impossible to trade on this platform as an honest seller who cares about the service they provide to their buyers. The whole platform is now skewed towards Chinese bucket shops avoiding import duties and Vat, and crooked customers who play the system following one of the numerous online guides to ripping off Amazon.

As I have said on other threads its simply not worth the stress to trade on this platform and once Xmas is over I am leaving and shutting down my seller account and Prime account. No doubt some sellers will tell me they are making lots of money on the platform but I have heard it all before and if you make lots of money now in the end Amazon will steal your sales long term.

Amazon 10 years ago was a great platform now its a fast declining sales platform for the small to medium sized FBM seller


I know of one seller who saw the writing on the wall a couple of years ago, they were doing very well - enough that take-home pay was approaching six figures. Then the Dragon initative was announced and hit the platform - they closed up and now run Amazon how to sell type seminars.
The second jumped on board after the usual Amazon why not sell promos, they were quickly burnt and were left with the impression the MP was run as a con (their perspective not mine, they were very angry at how they were treated having been a loyal customer for many years). I think that last perspective is not that uncommon amongst new or personal sellers.

I don’t know if it’s impossible, increasingly less pleasant, increasing less profitable and increasingly more time consuming, sure. It’s very strange they have such cognitive dissonance and don’t seem to get that sellers are also buyers, or that in both those roles we’re customers - very odd for a company that tells us they’re so ‘customer centric’ every five minutes. The corollary is that they demand ever more restrictive practices from us to ‘improve customer experience’, yet their own service levels decline and decline and become less and less flexible.
I mean does anyone seriously think they’d take seller suggestions on board to actually improve the experience for both buyer and seller, yet we tend to know our market segment and customer preferences, they could utilise that knowledge.
My prediction is FBA will be compulsory at some stage and that Amazon it’self will probably stop selling goods themselves. The retail shinkage loss can therefore be borne by a third party who still has to pay fees and Amazon gets to determine the outcome of every customer interaction.


i believe if you cancel an order due to undeliverable address it doesn’t affect your matrics. maybe kika can confirm??


I have got one now that needs to go as signed for, i have a 1st name only - buyers name. Does anyone know if this is enough for RM?
This lack of names thing is getting a bit silly especially with the busiest time of the year. The mind boggles …:roll_eyes:


yes, it goes through ok. Click and drop repeat the name so if it was Dotty, it would show as Dotty Dotty lol but I’ve sent with just Dotty as the name and there hasnt been a problem


Thanks for your quick reply Amanda. I will send it as is then. Just hope i dont get one soon with no name at all!

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