Shipping issues


Hi Guys,
I got an issue with shipment. Basically I created a shipment on 30.12.2022 and still did not get any confirmation email from amazon or UPS. It’s been already over two weeks and I am not sure what I should do.
Can someone help me please.


Have you checked the tracking on the UPS website ?

Go to the track shipment tab and see what that says too

Edit - did you arrange collection ?


Hi Kasia!

Thanks for using Seller Forums, please let us know if you were able to check UPS tracking.

In the meantime, I am going to transfer your thread to FBA category.



Hi The_little_shop,
Thank your for your answer.
When I go on UPS website and I put that I have pre-paid label (I got it when I did shipment with amazon) is asking me for tracking number which I don’t have I also spoke with UPS and they said that till I won’t get trucking number they won’t be able to do anything.


You should have the tracking number on the box labels from the shipment

There are 2 labels, one is the FBA label, the other is the UPS label
Tracking is usually 1Z215 …

Edit - go to the track shipment tab and it will say the tracking number


Hi Maja
Unfortunately I am not able to check my UPS tracking as I don’t have it.
When I choose the option to sent invintory I add all my details and I chosed the option UPS (Amazon partnered carrier). I chosen the day of collection by nobody contacted me I didn’t get any information and now in the system is showing me that my order is shipped.
Let me know what should I do.


Thank you so much for your help.
Sorry is a first time when I do this and I am a bit confused.
Have a great day.


Go through the seller university videos on fba shipments


No,you chose the day of shipment & you do no get contacted.You have to book collection on the UPS website or take to a UPS drop off point(there are 100’s of them,I have 3 within 10min drive).Your tracking number is on the UPS label and can be seen under Manage Inventory>shipments>click the Shipment name>Track Shipment>you will see the UPS tracking number begining 1Zxxxxx