Should i ask the refund reason?


Hello everyone, i’ve recently received two refund requests for a couple of orders.
The books were purchased through FBA so they got refunded instantly.
I’m eager to admit a mistake on my end if the book doesn’t match the description, but apparently no reason was given for those refunds!
Should i send a mail asking for what went wrong with the order? :slight_smile:


No I wouldn’t
It’s between customer and fba to sort
Chances are its a change of mind if there’s no negative comments on voice of customer

If they don’t rerurn it, amazon will recharge them and refund you


Understood, thank you for helping me out! Also, i’ve noticed FBA fees were different (got charged more in the sale than i was refunded) so i guess i’ll wait until the item is returned/ not returned and if necessary i’ll open a case about those fees Amazon owes me :sweat_smile:
Once again, really appreciate your help, have a nice day @The_Little_Shop :smiley:


Yes, they withhold their fees


There’s no need to ask, if they haven’t left you a message or a bad review, or because they just don’t want it anymore and it’s not a problem with your product. Of course, if it’s a product problem, you should optimise your product


Oh, my friend, you are everywhere.


Any chance i could get some back? Already signaled it more than a week ago, the answer was “we are doing everything to check the situation, we’ll contact you in the event we need more information”.
I mean… You could also use a calculator properly :joy:(i’m joking)


Got it! I’m right about 99% of the times about my product evaluation, in 1% of the cases the customer is extremely picky, only got refunded once with a clear reason why the customer returned the product



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