Small and Light - Pro vs Cons, Please let me know!



I have been selling mainly “standard” FBA for 2-3 years. I have just pushed 1-2 items into Small & Light Program.

I know the main pros vs cons in terms of Prime-bagde and next day delivery.

Have anyone of you noticed that “Standard FBA” are selling more in volume vs SnL? Many of my items are valid for SnL but I have seen also other sellers stayed out of this program even if the items are approved into SnL. Any reason?

Thanks very much for letting me know your experience about SnL vs “Standard FBA”

Happy selling!!


We sell both Pan EU FBA and UK Only Small n lite.

One thing happened recently that caused our FBA stock and SnL stock to be commingled - which is an absolute pain to sort out.

Small and Lite is pretty great though as fulfilment warehouses tend to process them so much faster than standard FBA stock.
Another great thing is that because they’re small enough to post through post boxes - you get less customers asking ‘where’s my stuff’ and less carriers leaving items in silly places/taking them back to the sorting office.

My 2 cents anyway!


We do use both fulfilment methods within UK market, and main pro for SnL is that all products are fulfilled as they are sold no matter the price, while standard fulfilment tends to make cheap items be ADD ON which makes some of products really hard to sell.

Main con for SnL is that they are NOT OFFERING next day option to customer, even tho these products are prime eligible

In terms of the sales we can see no difference in quantity sold

Hope this will help you to make informed decision



We’ve just removed our last S&L offering when it went out of stock. I will never use it again.

The problem with S&L is that they scan the bin in which the product is stored rather than the barcode on the product itself. Products get put in the wrong bin and customers get the wrong product A LOT.

We had 15 refunds due to picking errors in December. 2 negative seller feedback and 3 one star product reviews. All of which were hard to get removed. For us on a LL sized item the saving of 79p just isn’t worth the stress.

We sold cotton tote bags on S&L in 3 designs. Customers got key rings (11x) the others got a CD, a greetings card, playing cards and a packet of golf tees. There’s a long thread about the issues here:


Thanks Zef! So if I understand you correct you cannot see any drop in sales just using SnL instead of “regular” FBA?


Thanks west-row-online-uk_S! Great info!


Thanks Annie! Yepp, I saw the tread. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!



  • Lower fulfilment charges

  • Can avoid the item becoming an “Add On” item


  • Slower delivery [note: indirectly reduces conversion of the listing, which can damage product ranking and ultimately lower sales]

  • Amazon regularly often ship out the wrong item (in the small and light program they don’t scan each individual unit when picking - they scan the barcode on the storage location - if the wrong item gets in the wrong storage location, Amazon pick and ship the wrong item) [note: this leads to negative reviews and we’ve never had success getting Amazon to remove such reviews, negative reviews reduces conversion, which can damage product ranking and ultimately lower sales]

  • If a customer attempts to return the item via Amazon’s Returns Center they customer gets a message “This item is non-returnable” [note: this leads to negative reviews and we’ve never had success getting Amazon to remove such reviews, negative reviews reduces conversion, which can damage product ranking and ultimately lower sales]

  • If a customer contacts Amazon Customer Services asking for a refund Amazon will refund the customer and let them keep the product [note: the seller isn’t reimbursed by Amazon for this refund and takes the loss, this system is open to abuse and very costly in instances where a customer orders multiple units and then gets a refund]

Our verdict:

  • Don’t use Amazon’s Small and Light program. The extra saving/profit from lower fulfilment charges will be lost from increased customer service problems, loss on returns, negative reviews, reduced sales, etc. We’ve pulled out of in the UK. And we’re in the process of pulling out of it in the USA.


Used S & L from when it started now 100% S & L would not use anything else.
My experience is completely at odds with the previous poster.
Returns are reimbursed,never had a buyer keep goods & get refund as well.
Problems are very minor compared to the rewards of using S & L.


I’ve not had one reimbursement from all the refunds from picking errors. It seems they were refunded without return and our stock was never adjusted.


I tend to find , that when a listing as been changed to SNL good bye sales , as buyers must order over £20 for free delivery on PRIME


That wasn’t the case with out items. They were all £5.99, available with free shipping to Prime members, 2-day delivery.


Exactly the opposite for me,way more sales & profit than FBM on every converted ASIN,same sales over normal FBA but more profit.I still have lots of non Prime buyers who pay 99p for shipping.



I watched the thread, the one with hundreds of post, where sellers were constantly posting about S&L sending the wrong items. When that thread started, it hadn’t happened to us. No problems at all and I was happy to keep using S&L. I felt safe because we send all our products barcoded to S&L even though it’s not required.

We sold 3 of our best selling tote bags and once packed they look identical in the grey plastic mailer. They were still sent in separate boxes so they couldn’t get mixed up.

Things were fine … until they weren’t and then it went wrong badly. The first thing I noticed was 3 one star reviews in a day for our best selling tote bag :scream:

All of these reviews said they had received a garage door remote key fob. There were even pictures. Then I noticed a pile of refund notifications coming in, all for the same item. These were all refunded without return and we have never been reimbursed.

I contacted each customer who had received a refund. I was polite and apologetic and I explained that it had been a picking error at the Amazon Warehouse. Most happily replied and I sent them the correct item from our own stock, at our own cost even though they had already been refunded. Most of all I wanted happy customers. All said they had received a garage door remote key fob. Thankfully they all removed or revised their product reviews or seller feedback.

I opened a case with Amazon who (eventually) admitted fault but it took them 2 months to let me know they had finally removed all these bloomin’ garage door remote key fobs from our tote bag bin.

On Friday 21 December I got home after finally closing shop for the year, yay! As soon as I got home my phone pinged to tell me we had a negative seller feedback. 1 star “completely wrong item received!” I checked and it was a different tote bag this time. Amazon refused to remove the feedback. So on Saturday 22 December, I went into work, got the right expletive tote bag and sent it SD from the post office with a letter enclosed. I wanted to make sure she would get it before Christmas. The customer got back to me yesterday. She got a CD not a tote bag, she was very nice and amended the seller feedback herself.


Ive probably had 5 or 6 wrong items that I know of,any negs for these have been struck through.
Had non since all my shipments started going to EUKB in Oct as opposed to the sh*tholes of EUKC & EUKD.
EUKB has been brilliant with no misscounts,this weeks shipment was recieved within 2 hrs of delivery.

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