SO Confused - advertising multiple products with similar keywords


I’m looking for a little bit of advice from those who are much more skilled than me!!!

The Situation:
3 types of Running sock, each in 2 colours, 2 sizes
Set up as parent and child listings :white_check_mark:

I then have a 5pk of each type of sock
So I have set these up as separate Parent and child.
= 6 parents (each with 4 child)
Sock (a)
Sock (b)
Sock ©
Sock (a) 5pk
Sock (b) 5pk
Sock © 5pk

90% of keywords are same, but they are the important key words (running socks, athletic socks… etc etc)

My question:
How do I structure an advertising campaign / strategy with so many overlapping keywords without competing against myself.

My mind is blown


Create one campaign for 1 Parent ASIN and sponsor all variations inside this campaign.

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