Transferred case, no answer - Information provided and pending validation


I received an email from Amazon back in November requesting the following documents “A copy of the company’s IN0”. I provided the documents immediately and have yet to hear anything back. I am reminded every time I log in “you currently have limited access to Amazon selling services”. Every case I raise gets transferred so I never see this issue being resolved. My account won’t get verified until this issue is solved and my products are due into the warehouse any day now…


Verification currently takes 3-4 months, with no way to speed it up. Cases won’t get answered as verification is handled by a specialist team who don’t communicate unless they want something.


oh my… i have the same problem … wait for so long ?? this is nonsense :frowning: i cant sell… cant delete account and i have to just wait. this is mad. i will try to raise
Report abuse of Amazon policies.
maybe that will speed the verification as i have no funds to wait so many months and pay the fees for nothing.
any one have any helpful informations if thats a good idea ? xD thx


Downgrade your account to the Individual Selling Plan from Professional Plan.
Settings - Account Info - Your Services - Manage and downgrade.
Then you can open a case and ask for refund of unused fees - could take some time though, like everything else.


It’s frustrating but I guess I can understand given everything that is going on in the world right now. It would be nice to receive some kind of clarification from Amazon, even if it is an estimate. Doesn’t feel professionally handled.

In regards to paying the fees, JillyB1 has provided some good advice below.

Hope it all gets sorted for you soon!


Well that makes a bit more sense. A team that doesn’t communicate? Now why does that not surprise me.

Appreciate your response. Looks like I will have to sit tight and wait. If I am unable to sell, I will have to recall my units from the warehouse but hopefully it doesn’t get to that.


It’s really not going to speed things up. Follow Jillys advice and downgrade, although your refund for what you have already paid may not be given until you are varifed.

The initial outlay of running a business will be quite a lot more than £30. Perhaps look at how you are going to fund it, if £30 per month is going to cause you difficulties.

Read the forum threads and seller university which will stand you in better stead once you do get started

Good Luck


There are so many new sellers recently that if they gave updates everyday/week etc it would take longer to get through things. That said, as @JillyB1 has said on a number of occasions, if only Amazon would let new sellers know from the outset, how long they will be expected to wait, it would save a lot of unnecessary anguish


Yeah, that is definitely a fair point. My frustration comes from the second part of your response. A statement from Amazon clarifying what is going on and providing us with a timeframe, even if it’s an estimate. I feel as if we are being kept in the dark and obviously that makes it much harder to react or create any sort of plan. I guess it is all part of the fun when starting up your own business :slight_smile:


Absolutely. But be patient and learn as much as you can whilst you wait, at least you can plan that way


It is the same with me, I created my account July 2020, and still waiting, they wanted documents from e 2 or 3 times, then I had trouble with my card on file. I added my company card issued from Bulgaria (a country that is in their approved list) but they still didn’t like the card, then I created a Transferwise for my business and added that card, it got approved and charged a few times but still when I try to add a product I get the message there is a problem with your card. Also does the card need to be a credit card for sure or debit card can do?


Quick update. My account has now been verified!