.txt file into google sheets?



I am trying to do some analysis on the numbers related to my amazon fba orders.

I am downloading the transactional reports and they are arriving in .txt format. Within this format, I can not use the data as it is doesn’t format properly google sheets ( i don’t have excel only google sheets)

Has anybody figured out a smart way to convert these .txt files into more friendly .xlsx format so they can be used in google sheets?

Thank you very much for your help:)


Open google sheets. Import .txt file. Done.


Thanks for the comment JPM_Co

That’s correct, if you just want to import a .txt file to google drive.

My question was to get the data within the .txt file to be workable within a google spread sheet.


Nothing to do with google drive, that’s just a virtual hard drive.

Open a new spreadsheet, open the ‘file’ drop-down, find ‘import’ and link to your text file.

Its exactly the same as excel , I’ve done it countless times.



Thanks for the reply.

Google sheets does not convert the numbers from text cells to numerical cells so you can’t do any formulas.

I’ve downloaded excel & the numbers are now formatted so I will just use excel.

I have been downloading transaction reports for reconciliation but the data shown in the report on amazon & the report that is downloaded don’t have the exact same figures.

Can i ask which reports you normally download to analyse all of your transactions & fees paid?

Thanks for you help.

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