Upcoming changes to buyer-initiated order cancellations


We have received feedback from many of you saying that you would like a better process for managing buyer cancellation requests without having to search for them in the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service tool. You shared that it can be easy to miss cancellation requests because they get lost among multiple Buyer-Seller messages, which if left unattended can result in product returns and refunds.

With effect from May 23, 2022, we will simplify the process of managing buyer cancellation requests for seller fulfilled orders.

Changes if you use Seller Central:

  • Cancellation requests will appear in a banner on the Manage orders page for each buyer-initiated cancellation.
  • Notifications will no longer be sent through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.
  • If you use Order reports to process orders, you can enable the Buyer-Requested Cancel field to see cancellation requests in your Order reports. To learn how to add this field, go to Upcoming changes to the buyer-initiated order cancellation process.

Changes if you use APIs:

  • You can now view buyer cancellation requests through your own systems by using the List Order Items API. We are adding two fields to the API response, which developers will be able to import and surface on their systems. To learn how to add this field, go to API Changes (MWS API and Selling Partner (SP) – API).
  • Once you have imported the buyer cancellation requests, you can continue to cancel orders through API feeds on Seller Central or with a file upload.

You will continue to receive email notifications for all buyer-initiated order cancellation requests.

You will still use the Buyer-Seller messaging service to contact customers. If a customer requests a cancellation in the messaging tool, ask them to cancel their order on the Your orders page. Messages about cancellation are considered a critical message, and will be delivered to a buyer even if they have opted out of non-critical messages.

For more information, go to: Upcoming changes to the buyer-initiated order cancellation process.


This went down like a lead balloon when they announced and tried to clarify this over on the US forums.

Simply baffling. Amazon has all these bots and algorithms to watch over every single metric, yet can’t figure out how to read buyer-selling messaging and detect the word “cancel”

If this word is detected, why can’t Amazon send the BUYER to the page where they CAN cancel their order? Why does the seller have to do all this pointless back and forth with a buyer when these messages are often ignored? Then we have to send the item out, await the inevitable return request and hope that negative feedback wasn’t left.


Or give us an option on the bottom of the message screen for “cancel order” alongside “no response needed, mark as important, archive and send” and only have that button available if the bots recognise the word “cancel”, or have it available for every message but with a warning that “by cancelling this order we will send a copy of the chat to be reviewed”

However saying all that, when I get a message about cancelling an order, I cancel it myself and it never has affected my metrics. I guess Amazon should just make it clearer what we can and can’t do so we are not afraid of doing something that might affect our metrics.


And pay for the return postage, in all likelihood :frowning:


and does this now work for Seller-fulfilled prime orders.

will the message appear on seller central and also on amazon shipping screens for those using the alternative despatch shipping?


and absorb the lose if it is “returned” via evri/hermes who then fail to deliver it back safely


If the message has the header Buyer Cancellation Request, then it won’t affect anything. It will have affected your metrics, specifically your Pre-fulfilment Cancel Rate, if the message didn’t have that header. However, provided that rate is under 2.5% of orders in any 7 day period, you likely won’t have noticed an issue - but it will track that you’ve cancelled it without a request from the customer.

I would also add that amazon are pretty clear on the cancellation rules on their Cancellations Help Page.


Trust Amazon to take something that could be fixed very easily and make a complete dogs dinner out of it.
All it needed was to maybe highlight the messages or maybe pin them to the top of the message list until responded to?
but no, they have to take them completely out of the message system altogether and move them to a page that is never looked at!
Well done Amazon slow clap


These are complete and utter unnecessary steps. Their bots can detect when a buyer claims their item is inauthentic but not the words ‘cancel’??

What if they don’t respond or see the message? Cancel and it would appear you’re increasing your pre-f cancellation rate, don’t and you’ll get a return (which you’ll no doubt pay for) or leave it for the buyer to reply and you’re increasing your late dispatch.

This is very frustrating. There is no logic behind this. :frowning:


Maybe I read it wrong but it said:

‘Manage orders’ is normally the first place I look so hopefully it won’t be hidden.

All the same, the cancellation process could be made a lot easier, without all the needless stress of worrying the buyer didn’t go through the ‘correct’ route, exposing us to bad metrics.


This will cause items to be sent out even though the customer wanted to cancel the order. What was wrong with the email message to say customer would like to cancel this order. !!!


did this in MWS a long time ago - cancels order as I send the stock cancel email
Private Sub cancelDispatch()
OrderID = args(2)
Dim templatefile As String = “c:\Amazon\CancelUnshippedTemplate.xml”
Dim filename As String = “c:\Amazon\Cancelations” & OrderID & “.xml”
Dim reasoncode As String = args(3)
'reasoncode = “BuyerCanceled”
'looks like theres no need for cancelation reason or order details if not shipped
Dim cancelstring As String = ReadFile(templatefile)
cancelstring = Replace(cancelstring, “AMORDERID”, OrderID)
Dim orditemstemplate As String = “AMITEM” & reasoncode & “”
Dim AmOrderItems As New List(Of String)
AmOrderItems = RetrieveOrderItems(OrderID, 2)
Dim orditems As String = “”
For Each i In AmOrderItems
Dim iar As String() = Split(i, “|”)
orditems += orditems & Replace(orditemstemplate, “AMITEM”, iar(0))
cancelstring = Replace(cancelstring, “AMORDERITEMS”, orditems)
WriteFile(filename, cancelstring)
If ActionReport(repType.SubmitFeed, filename, 2) = True Then
MsgBox(“Order " & OrderID & " submitted for cancellation”)
Call AmazonLog(" - order " & OrderID & " cancelled")
MsgBox(“Order " & OrderID & " failed to cancel”)
Call AmazonLog(" - order " & OrderID & " cancellation failed")
End If
End Sub


The email was how I knew a cancellation was needed.
Email came through, button pressed - job done
Why take this out


It states you will still get this, it just wont be shown in the messaging system on seller central


Not for us, we use Linnworks to control our channels, any order placed is pulled through automatically, we dont use the Amazon dashboard for anything apart from buyer messages.


Cancellation has never worked how Amazon say it should anyway for SFP. We always get an email from Amazon saying the customer wants to cancel and have to cancel it ourselves for them.
Amazon then complain (performance notification) that we are cancelling customer orders and they should do it themselves.

I even did a test on my personal account, choosing the cancel button as a customer and the company I work for received the aforementioned email saying a customer wants to cancel!

Think they know they have a problem as they always reply to our POA (that shows the customers did want to cancel) saying we should in no circumstances cancel SFP orders, but no actual action on our account.


The first thing I got from this is that we’ll no longer be getting emails requesting a cancellation.

Instead we have to find it in a banner on the Manage orders page for each buyer-initiated cancellation.

I think, who know, it’s amazon.

Well yeah!! I mean if we don’t send it because the buyer cancelled amazon get nothing as the buyer’s charge method on file won’t have been debited.
There is NO sale upon which to charge a fee.
If we send it and the buyer returns we pay the outgoing postage, the buyer pays for the return postage and amazon get to keep a portion of the fees - and a cut of the postage charges - maybe even both ways.

Buyers lose.
Sellers lose.
Royal Mail wins.
Hermes wins.
The people who produce the packing material win.
And, of course, amazon wins.

In fact everybody in the supply chain wins - except the buyer and the seller.
I know sellers don’t matter but I did think amazon cared for buyers or is that only after their card has been debited - they’re not a buyer until then.


Within the same news article…

You will continue to receive email notifications for all buyer-initiated order cancellation requests.


I just seen it - my bad . . …


So can you explain then why you have just made it worse?

I don’t get many messages, so when I do get one it gets flagged up on the dashboard and if it’s a return request I deal with it.

Since most of my stuff goes FBA it’s very rare I look at the orders page, so now I have no idea when I have a return request unless I specifically check there. Yes you are still going to send emails, but since you already send way too many spammy emails it’s all too easy to miss something important.

Now that you have fouled this up I’ve no doubt you’ll still be punishing us all the same.

Why don’t you EVER put your proposed policy changes on the forum FIRST and get some proper feedback?

Why do you ALWAYS do what you ‘think’ we want, and then when we complain and point out the problems, COMPLETELY IGNORE US?