Using Amazon shipping with Royal Mail


Hello everybody.

My valid tracking rate is very low and trying to using Amazon shipping with my Royal Mail account.

How can I print in the reference option the Amazon order number?

I use the Drop&Ship and there I can put a logo and a reference so if parcel return I know easy who is from with the order number.

Any ideas?



You can’t change the label produced via buy shipping

Is the issue with your vtr just how you’re recording the dispatch? If it is, you could fix that and not need to use buy shipping



It’s my VTR is bellow 94%, the problem is only with RM24 and RM48 which I purchase on Drop&Ship with my business Royal Mail account. They are not scanning when delivery.

So, I’m trying to use Buy shipping on amazon, but when I print the label the Customer reference comes blank on the label, so how I can put to print in this place the order number? As I can do in Drop and Ship?

When purchasing on Drop and Ship, tracking goes automatic to Amazon using RM24 and RM48



If the issue is only with unscanned RM24 and RM48 then you dont need to change what you’re doing as Amazon will validate the unscanned ones


The problem is they are not. Because RM is not scanning and my VTR drop a lot due this problem. That’s why trying to use Buy shipping.


But have you been told you’ll be suspended? Have you read the vtr policy?


It doesn’t matter if RM scan them or not. Amazon will validate they are correct numbers and you will not be suspended even if your VTR becomes low.

You can’t do this on Amazon the label comes out as is and you can’t change or add the order number to it. You will need a manual way of doing it such as matching up despatch notes and labels or printing each order individually so you know which order is which.

It does depend on your volume how you do it. I really don’t think Amazon Buy Shipping works if you have a large volume you are better sticking with Click and Drop.