What does the buy box percentage ACTUALLY mean?


Apparently I have 2% buy box but I only have 12 listings. If this is correct, I have the buy box on 0.24 of my listings… What does the percentage actually mean?


Ah the million dollar question !
We have nearly a thousand listings and have never had more that about 13% buy box and sell quite happily everyday


Its really confusing!


The Featured Offer (Buy Box) percentage is calculated as the total page views in which you are the Featured Offer divided by the total page views received by products you list. Only active items are considered. You will see ‘—‘ if Amazon are unable to calculate your Featured Offer percentage.


we average between 2-5% buy box percentage but do very well from amazon


I’m similar. I have over 1000 listings and my buy box percentage ranges from 13% to the heady heights of 16%. Still do ok though.

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