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Post-Brexit MCF and IOSS - my brain hurts

by Seller_fpHJMMwn649ll

SITUATION: My company is;

  • UK VAT registered
  • VAT Registered in DE/ ES/ FR/ IT/ PL/ CZ
  • I have inventory in Amazon UK and EU Fulfilment Centres for FBA
  • I use Amazon/ Avalara to file VAT across all EU markets
  • I have a UK based Shopify store

Example Scenario;

  • A German customer buys from my Shopify store (which is configured to calculate VAT based on customer location)
  • I fulfil the order using MCF from inventory in Amazon DE fulfilment centre

I add the transaction to the ‘Additional VAT Report’ to form part of the Germany VAT filing for that period. That’s it.

Recently I have been bombarded with several opinions that IOSS possibly needs to be involved somewhere in this setup but I cannot see a reason why it should. I’m not physically sending anything across the Channel (i.e. UK > EU) to trigger a VAT collection question for the customer.

Can anyone please help me banish these opinions and reassure me that my current process is indeed correct?

Tags: International expansion, Reporting
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2 replies
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In reply to: Seller_fpHJMMwn649ll’s post

Your understanding is the same as mine. IOSS is not involved in your case at all.

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