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Seller University: New videos with recommendations to enhance your Store

by News_Amazon

With Stores, you can tell your brand story and showcase your full range of products. In these super-short videos, we show you some of our top recommendations for enhancing your Store to help pique shoppers' interest and drive results. There is no requirement for coding.

Add a video to your Store: watch now

Videos provide a quick and powerful way to offer key information about your product. With this video you will learn how to add one to your Store.

Add a shoppable image to your Store: watch now

In your Store, shoppable images help customers to see your products in context, engage with their details and add them directly to their baskets.

Add a gallery to your Store's homepage: watch now

Adding a gallery to your Store's homepage helps you to showcase your brand in a visually appealing way. With this video you will learn how to add this feature to your Store.

Add best sellers and recommended products to your Store: watch now

Add a title for best-selling or recommended products to your Store sub-pages to engage shoppers browsing your category.

Add a product collection to your Store: watch now

Showcase deals, highlight your catalogue's diversity, group products by interest, feature new arrivals or promote best sellers with a product collection in your Store.

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