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Just me? No data for 3 days

by Seller_ZjZ4slOF0jHpk

Was checking my campaigns and saw that whilst all were active, they were all saying they were out of budget - when there was no data whatsoever - clicks, spend, CPC, etc., to show for that.

Is it just me? Before I contact the 3rd party I use to manage the ads.

Seeing -

And it says “Your portfolio has reached its budget cap”.

I checked and the 23rd is the last day I have spend and click data for. My campaigns are set to max daily budget cap. But despite saying they’re out of budget, there’s no data at all to show that. Tried upping the budget to kick start things, but no luck.

I’ve checked my payment method and backup and everything is ok. And on the surface everything looks ok on the 3rd party’s interface.

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