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Synchronized Reviews from Other Marketplaces

by Seller_leF0HcbuZ4cpZ

I used the Build International Listings tool to import one of my US listings to the EU. As part of that, my reviews from the US are now synced to my EU listings. I think the idea of this is great in general, but the implementation seems a bit clunky.

Some expected observations:

  • If a new review is added in the US, it is immediately visible in the EU as well.
  • Reviews are flagged as originating from the US site.

Some odd observations:

  • The imported US reviews and star rating display in organic search results in EU. However, they do not show up on PPC ads in the search results.
  • When loading the listing, the star rating and review count just below the title don’t show up immediately; there is a significant lag before they appear.
  • The Build International Listings tool automatically translates your listing, but it doesn’t translate reviews. So, they all show up in English. Fine for UK, a little odd for the other sites in EU.
  • If you scroll down to the bottom of the listing, where you can actually read the reviews, on the left it shows zero reviews (because I have none in the EU at the moment), but on the right it shows the review count and all the reviews that I have in the US.

Question: Eventually I’ll get reviews from each of the EU sites. How will these reviews be synchronized among the other marketplaces?

  • Will an EU review be synced to the other EU sites (Germany reviews show up on UK, for instance)?
  • Will the EU reviews show up on the US listing?
  • Will the US reviews still show up once I have some EU reviews?

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In reply to: Seller_leF0HcbuZ4cpZ’s post

Well, no one can answer this question as the feature is only being enrolled across the sites.

But I can imagine that just English reviews will show besides each marketplace’s local reviews. It would be confusing if there were Japanese, Spanish or German reviews displayed on a product page in Italy, for example.

My European listings are already showing USA reviews, but I haven’t seen any other language reviews being transferred.

Also, I have never seen reviews from Amazon Europe published on Amazon USA product pages.

They will still show up as the feature doesn’t depend on the amount of reviews your listings currently have.

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