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Help! New seller account deactivated - unable to contact support

by Seller_ssD72nhMQYd1i

I registered a new seller account and provided my id and a utility bill but after a few minutes my new account was deactivated.

I received an email saying I must schedule a video call with an Amazon associate to verify my identity. The message said that as my account was not verified I should choose United States as the marketplace and I would then have an option to Verify Identity and schedule the video call.

I followed the instructions and selected United States. It then gave me three options to Change Marketplace, Continue Registration or Cancel Registration. I chose Continue Registration and it then asked me to select a marketplace. The only available marketplace was Europe (the others are greyed out). I selected Europe and was just dumped back on the Sellers homepage with no option to Verify Identity or to schedule the video call.

Next I send a message to seller support about this issue, however every ticket I sent was closed with the following auto reply:

“This email address is not the correct channel to submit an appeal. Please follow the instructions below to resubmit your appeal to the correct channel.”

I then sent the same message as an appeal to me deactivation, however I then received the following reply:

"We understand that you may have some questions about your Amazon seller account.

To talk to someone about what you can do to sell on Amazon again, you can ask Selling Partner Support to contact you:"

This just directs me back to the contact page, so neither option is available for support.

Next I used the Call Back button from Seller Central to schedule a call back. I entered my message and my mobile number and clicked to start the call, however after a few seconds I get the following error:

“Internal failure
Sorry, we are unable to process your request. Try again.”

There seems to be no way to verify my identity or contact anyone. Can someone please help me get verified so I can start selling on Amazon?

To compound the issue, it did not get as far as choosing the account type so has defaulted to the monthly fee account and I have been charged £30, but I am unable to make use of the account.

Somebody please help me get out of this frustrating loop!!

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In reply to: Seller_ssD72nhMQYd1i’s post

That is quite normal, as they have to verify all the info that you provide before you can start selling.

It seems that the video call is always via US.

The £30 fee is for the Pro selling PLAN. You need to downgrade your selling plan by going to Settings - Account Info - Your Services - manage - downgrade to individual plan. It will say pending until the date of the next payment would have been due, but you should not be charged again.
You can claim a refund of unused fees by opening a case with Seller Support ‘Help’ (top right) as long as not sold anything.
This is at Amazon’s discretion,but most are successful, I believe.

You will need to re-schedule the video call.

Just as an aside - do you plan to buy goods to sell on for profit ?
If so, have you registered with HMRC as self-employed (possibly sole-trader), and received your UTR ? - many new sellers miss out this vital step.

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In reply to: Seller_ssD72nhMQYd1i’s post

i am facing same issue right now , is yor issue solved or not till now

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In reply to: Seller_ssD72nhMQYd1i’s post

Hello @,

I’m Kavi from Amazon, here to assist you.

Thank you for writing to the Seller Forums Community, and we appreciate the efforts from @JillyB1.

From the post above, we understand that you have concerns related to Verification Process.

We have taken the liberty of notifying the appropriate team for further assistance for this issue. While we cannot guarantee the results or time-frame for a response, we do appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.

If you need any further assistance, you can post here so that we can help you.



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