Account suddenly showing as pending validation and inventory showing as stranded


My account is currently showing as pending validation although I have supplied all the requested information for a long time. It didnt have this status until I shipped my product to Amazon and now my listing is showing as Inactive (Listings not available for sale on Amazon) Information has been provided and is pending validation.). As a result my products are currently showing as stranded and will be removed next month if nothing changes before then!

I have been raising this issue and trying to get it resolved without success for about a month now, there’s no number to call. I have not been asked for any new information. Please help!!!


verification is currently taking a few months i’m afraid

Amazon really should not allow non verified sellers to send stock in to the warehouses


The validation process is currently taking 3-4 months. Might have been better not to have shipped your items until fully verified I’m afraid.


I agree. Although my account did show as verified before I shipped the product otherwise I wouldn’t have. Unless, I didn’t notice it before that account pending validation status only appeared after the product was received. The terrible part is there’s no number to call and the account verification team has not responded to any of my several emails.


You would only have received the email confirming registering and opening an account - not a “congratulations your account is now active and validated” email.

You cannot phone the verification team and every time you chase you will go to the back of the queue as cases are dated. Stop emailing and just keep checking if they ask for anything.


Oh, dear! Thank you.


Same problem here. Have you got the account verified now? Guess it has already been over a month.


No, I’m afraid my account is still showing as ‘pending validation’ and my product still stranded even though I have since received messages saying: ‘ Dear Amazon Seller, Congratulations on registering on Amazon. List your products first to start selling…’ and ‘ Thanks for signing up to sell with us. After you’ve had a chance to look around Seller Central, it’s time to list your first product…’

It’s a shame really!


Those messages mean exactly what they say, nothing more. They are giving you the chance to prepare your inventory in advance, ready for when you are fully validated, so you can then start selling immediately. All you can do now is wait for verification to complete. As Shrewsbury Marine advised, don’t try to chase them up: it doesn’t work and just makes the delay even longer


I am also encountering this kind of problem. I was suddenly verified last month. It has been one month since the existing warehouse products are in a state of being delisted. There will be one month before these products in the warehouse will be deleted. , There is no way to contact, only email, but no reply


@YellowLabel. Just to add, you will be able to create a removal order for your inventory (returned to you) should your verification not be completed by the time 60 days up, in case you were not aware

@shichong779 - this applies to you too