Accountant access


Hi there

To work on my accounts my accountant has suggested I set him up as an authorised user so he can deal with all the reports he needs.

He also does the accounts of other sellers already.

Given the amount of topics regarding “connected accounts” etc, I am a little apprehensive about this because it will create a direct link between me and another business. I also don’t see an option for adding an accountant as such, so I would do it by adding an authorised user and just “view only” on the reports sections.

Has anyone set up their accountant for access to the platform? Any issues?



Personally I wouldn’t do this - its asking for trouble .At the very least ask Amazon first - but I still advise not doing it.


There is no issue at all with doing this.
My accountant regularly accesses my Amazon account to pick up figures etc.
What you need to use, is Settings/User Permissions and add them in there.
You just limit what they are able to do. ie. look but not change anything.

It’s exactly the same as if you had an employee that needed access to your amazon account.


Ok - its very useful to hear from someone actually doing this. I am extremely surprised though as an employee wouldn’t be accessing several accounts just your own, whereas an accountant accesses several. different accounts.

Good to know though that it seems to be ok. Personally I still wouldn’t without running it by Amazon first.


Well I can only say, that he has now had access for almost three years, without a problem.
I know for a fact, that he deals with at least one other Amazon related business.

But it’s not different than a bookeeper keeping records for you, they can be working for multiple different companies.
I think the main thing here, is that they DO NOT have any access to change, but to view only.


Thanks Neil - that is very good to know.


I emailed SS and just got this:

"We suggest you to try adding him to your account however if you face any error message that this user is getting conflict with another seller account then please do follow an alternative method.

As a alternative method, please try adding a different email for your accountant which isn’t associated with any seller’s account so that you don’t face any conflict issue.

As per our user permission policy, Same email address cannot be used to be assigned as user of a selling account if it has already been assigned to another seller."