Amazon are doing everything they can to keep my money without reason


Out of idle curiosity what were or are you selling to shift 500 units on the first day of selling


Same story here, you would have to wait… Count yourself luck they did not deactivate your account. Just be prepared to wait 3-4 months in order to get your first paycheck. Amazon is holding 80% of my taking and can’t expand my product range because of their so called security checks. In most cases company usually go bankrupt either the bank is asking for their money or the suppliers are filling small claims court for non payment. If you are looking to run a business here make sure you have savings as backup funds.


For obvious reasons i cant say, i hit a mini goldmine with only a couple competitors and the price i get it for allows nobody a real chance of competing with me. Its in Stationery category though.


Then you probably shouldn’t have your forum name the same as your store name :wink:


cheeky !!! 20 character


No worries. I wouldn’t go down the road of selling stationery that’s for sure


Amazon is a nightmare beast full of crappy automations. You can’t fight them you will just pull your hair out!! Good luck :wink:


I was on the road of LCD screen carbon monoxide detectors at first and upon placing the order Amazon started selling then i moved onto MIDI keyboards, i was creating my own and then eventually moved to this when i saw a number of 15,000 average per month sold.


What your experiencing is not uncommon you will get your money etc once you have confirmed invoices and providing they are from a reputable contactable wholesaler and not that of joblot or alibaba kind of thing you will get your money and be good going forward as all checks will have been done by then.


In that situation, I am a new seller with a fair amount of sales, but no reviews yet, so fund being held. The strange thing is that i have had 2 customers now said that they cannot leave a feedback as no seller feedback option available. This evening I have had a customer tell me that their order is showing as late and likely to be delivered on the 13th July when the customer has confirmed that they have received the item within 2 days and even Royal Mail tracking showing that it has been delivered, yet Amazon is asking customer to ask for a refund if they want???
Had a customer wanting to return an item saying it was faulty. Sent them a returns label within the 24 hour response time, no reply from them, item sent back, 2 days later an A-Z claim is filed saying we did not get in touch with them, they got the refund, we never got the item back filed an appeal almost 3 weeks ago, nothing from Amazon, when they can clearly see all the correspondence. So clearly something not right here???
They have said i can carry on selling, but am starting to get worried as i have suppliers to pay, VAT payments to make and if i keep the sales going and don’t get paid i am in a real fix, so really pulling my hair right now :frowning:


Returns and A-Z will not help

Have you sent manufacturer invoice into them and is it from a reputable wholesaler which can be easily contacted and confirmed from info on the invoice?


When I started selling years ago. The standard wait time for new sellers to get paid was 90 days.
If you keep raising cases about the same issue they may suspend your account altogether. I suggest give them a few weeks at least.


I think we waited about a month but now able to release every 24hrs


I find this the most deplorable thing by Amazon - just so VERY, VERY wrong, and it seems nothing can be done about it.


Hi Jill
I belive it’s the issue with RM that part and it’s to do with the 2d tracking if you use tracked it does not happen.

I still have one on my amazon personal account showing same but if you check tracking inRM it does not show delivered either


But if the A-Z is not our fault at all? even if we sent the customer a returns label to return the item so that we can issue a refund within the 24 hours time sale, 2 days after this the customer files an a-z claiming non-correspondence? When there clearly was correspondence… how can that be held against you?

I can understand them holding onto the funds for 2 weeks, but after that they turn round and say there is no feedback, yet when a customer tries, they cant leave feedback, it just get tiring and disheartening


And worst is that due to this customer cant leave feed back, and due to no feedback amazon hold onto the funds, how can one win in a situation like this?


@Thefullcart the A-Z can’t be raised until after they attempt contact now but it is common for A-Z to go in customers favor and you can always appeal you may find after appeal customer still wins but they grant and take the hit meaning you keep money and they right your metrics.


filed an appeal almost 3 weeks ago, but not hard anything from Amazon with regards to this


Keep an eye on your spam but you can keep checking in a-z