Amazon FBA showing incorrect amount received?


So the amount of items for a box of items i sent to Amazon warehouse is showing they received 8 items in the box, but i only sent in 5 items. It is impossible to pack 8 of these into the boxes i use? Strange?


It happens sometimes. Give your inventory a couple of weeks to sort itself out. If it still hasn’t resolved itself when the FBA shipment opens for investigation you could raise it as an issue but Amazon usually say “the stock received is correct” then at some point down the line they’ll “lose” the items, then you’ll be due a reimbursement or replacement for those items…


My last 3 shipments into two different fulfilment centres are also very inaccurate. Many lines are showing too much stock and some are showing no stock. It’s such a worry especially as the excess stock is showing as available so some customers are going to be disappointed for Christmas whereas the stock that’s showing as not received wlll probably miss the Christmas rush… It’s never been this bad before and I’d be keen to know how this happens.


Easy enough how to work out how it happens.
It’s an extremely busy time of year and whoever is counting the items, is doing it too quick, to count it properly. Knowing how pushed Amazon staff are for time, it’s not that surprising at the end of the day.


Surely they don’t physically count them? I was told they scan the barcodes.


If it’s handover time and the second person counts the same box that’s just been counted then it can easily happen. Have had on occasions my boxes counted twice - raised an investigation once stating that if there were that many items the box would be too heavy to be accepted but was told it was correct and don’t raise another job regarding it. Now I just accept what Amazon says.


Of course they count them.
Did you really think that Amazon would believe you with the numbers you put in?
That would leave them so wide to abuse…

The process is fairly simple though.
On receipt, they scan the barcode on the box that you send. This temporarily puts them into stock.
The items get sent to wherever they are going, then when opening the boxes, they are physically checked. Whether that’s by scanning individual barcodes or just counting them, it amounts to the same thing.