Amazon Uk seller central registration problems



I hope someone can help me on this forum as I have tried everything I could to explain my issue to the seller support team but they are too ignorant to help sellers.

I am a UK resident and tried to open a new seller account on amazon Uk seller central on the following link:

When I click on start selling it redirects me to the following link which seem to be amazon global/US/Canada seller central link.

I have tried to use different browsers/cleared history, cookies of my browser but it does not help. After trying several times I finally started registration on registration link mentioned above. While registering, it asks for the business address and I selected Unitedkingdom. I have a valid bank account in United Kingdom and all rest of the documents required to open a seller account on Amazon UK. When I upload these documents my verification fails as amazon thinks that I am trying to register an account on USA seller central. I received an email stating that as you are not a resident of Canada, US, Mexico so we cannot complete the registration process. Verification failed. Now I have no way to contact the seller support team. Whenever I open a case for help it lands on page. I have never opened a seller account on amazon before and this is the first time.

No matter what I do, it takes me to the verification page on

It doesn’t allow me to contact amazon European seller services. For example if I open the following link:

It asks me if I am an existing seller on amazon ?

If I click yes it takes me to the following verification page:

If I click No I am not an exiting seller, it takes me to an enquiry form which is not appropriate for this query.

If I click contact seller support it takes me to seller support team. In short I have no way to contact amazon European services.

Can someone help me please


Trying to register on but redirects to .com

have you had any solution this happened to me


Have you tried here


yes i have tried clicking the link the whole forum says that we have tried clinking the link and the url at the top changes to amazon .com please read the conversation