Amzon makes it more complicated to list in HM


Having listed in handmade since the launch, I always found it really easy. title, description, photo and then what type of customisation you wanted ( for me text box ) …easy.
Now theres this " surface" and that " surface " to battle though. I have not been able to list new products for months. Why is this now so difficult. All I want is my products with a text box where customers can tell me what they want as customisation. CS have been no help in this TBH …so I’m stuck with emailing customers and them ( sometimes ) emailing back with details, leading to order being put on hold and later dispatches. Amazon please make this more simple, like it used to be, thanks.


Is it adding customisations you’re having an issue with?


Sorry NBP your reply is not complete, but it seems you have/had the same issues, have you found a resolution?


I’m not understanding your issue then.

If you click on the Add/Edit Customisation Information on the Edit button then you get the tools to add such things as text boxes for customers to input customisations.


No what I get is this

I have wasted a couple of hours trying to get this sorted, , all I want is a basic text box option like it used to be, not all this.


that is the picture that will show to your customers with their customisation on
ie if you are selling a mug with their name on you upload a picture of a blank mug, you then set it to text customisation and further down you set the position of the text so that when the customer uploads their name, a photo will be shown to them of the mug with their name on


Hi Little Shop,
I know whats its for, but I don’t/won’t need that, but I cant get past it so I can just have a text request box like in the good old days … It should be optional not compulsory to have this " Surface " as they call it. As it stands I cant list any new HM products that just need text added.


But you have to use it
It’s always been a requirement on standard amazon custom, they’ve now aligned handmade with the same.
You don’t have to put an image of your item, we created a blank white box with a red line round the edge and uploaded that so that when the customer puts their name, they only see the name not the item with the name on


Hi Little shop,
I will have another look this weekend. I know that every picture I tried to upload failed, and I checked the sizing and "mb " of them, but the system just rejected it. They have made something that was very easy and usable, into something over-engineered and difficult.


Try this if you only require the text box for buyer to input personalisation.