Anyone else getting this message


Select a Merchant and Marketplace

You are attempting to sign in on a new device or you have removed your cookies. Please select your merchant and marketplace to get started. You can change this selection at any time from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

We are only UK based & sell only to UK. We haven’t deleted cookies, updated windows, or used a different browser.

We’ve just had a new stock delivery & are getting the above every time we update product quantities.

We keep selecting our account & market place but it keeps coming up.


Yeah I’ve been seeing this for the last week. I’m getting it when I sign in and sometimes when I add a product, but not every time as you are experiencing.


Only strange thing we got was error code OPF-503



Thanks for your help. Carols_ Books


yes getting it here when i log in most times and as said above, somethimes when adding a product


I get it all the time when adding items to my inventory - it’s very tedious as I have changed nothing in my set up…Amazon asks me to choose between listing on the UK site or the US one - I’ve never registered for the US site and don’t intend to


Do you have ad-blocker browser extension?

They can interfere with parts of Amazon seller central


I’ve not (yet) had that message but I get something similar.

I routinely log on to amazon UK first thing when checking my account.

If I then list an item from the ‘sell yours’ button on the catalogue page, it often asks me to log-in to com before I can finalise the listing.

So for some reason, Amazon likes to switch servers to the com domain at random moments when creating a listing. It will keep me there unless I deliberately switch back to the UK domain.

I got so fed up with that a few years ago that I stopped logging into amazon UK CS and went straight to euro. com .

Since I stopped selling to Europe at the start of lockdown I’ve gone back to routinely logging in to the UK domain.


But it still redirects you to the EU login page after listing an item (the item still lists even if you just close the tab without logging in)


Hmm, I just tested it by listing a book via the ‘Sell on Amazon’ button from the product page. I was already logged-in to SC Amazon UK.
Pressing ‘submit’ took me straight from the UK co uk domain to ‘manage inventory’ under the euro domain without asking me to log-in again.

I’m not sure if this auto-switching from UK to eu . com is a glitch or by design.


I guess your cache still had you logged in on the EU domain… ?


I guess so. My browser is not set to delete cookies after every session.

The mystery is why Amazon automatically logs us out of one domain (UK) and into another (eu . com) after adding a new listing.
Maybe it’s because I have Poland in my list of marketplaces, even though it’s on permanent holiday mode and the only EU marketplace I have on the list?