Automated invoicing without VAT number


I’m on a bit of a learning curve and have encountered another issue.

I’ve had a warning email telling me my Invoice Defect Rate Exceeds 5% and I probably needed to activate automated invoicing, this is something i had never even thought off and just assumed amazons fulfillment had it covered.

But anyway, I’m reading round trying to rectify it.

So what I do is, activate automated invoicing? however its asking for a vat number, but I dont have one yet because i’m still learning and not earning £85k per year. So apparently instead of a VAT invoice, amazon would automatically upload a receipt instead.

So if this the correct plan of action, how is it done without a VAT number as it wont let me activate without it.



I think you’re looking at the part that’s for the VAT calculation service rather than the VAT exemption route.


You can’t set on automated invoicing if you’re not VAT registered. You have to create your own invoice for business customers. For the VAT, put zero. If you don’t use an accounting software, you can Google invoice templates in Words or Excel, fill in all the details, save as PDF and email customer.


That’s not quite true - Amazon can send receipts on the seller’s behalf:



Edit - If receipts / invoices are being emailed then they still need to be uploaded to avoid getting an invoice defect. Also i may be wrong, but i don’t think you can show VAT as zero if you aren’t registered for VAT - you just don’t mention VAT or say the seller is not VAT registered.


Thanks for the info.

Is it recommended to go ahead and declare vat exemption then or is it not worth it in the long run?

Also if I still need to upload an invoice manually then is there really any point is activating the auto receipt generator?


Whether you declare or not is your decision and may somewhat depend on how often you get orders from business buyers. Personally i registered as soon as Amazon gave the option just so i didn’t have to track which orders needed an invoice / receipt. I then became VAT registered so withdrew my exemption, but have now registered again since leaving VAT. So you can change - you’re not really saying you’ll never be VAT registered.

As for uploading them manually, you don’t have to as Amazon do it for you. If you’re referring to my comment above then that was supposed to indicate that emailing a buyer a receipt / invoice isn’t enough to not incur a defect.


Ok makes sense thanks.

I’ve just declared VAT exemption status,and received the message :-

"VAT exemption declared

Receipts are being sent for your orders."

So am I to understand that my Invoice Defect Rate problem is now sorted and I wont be receiving any more warnings from Amazon?


You will still have to send any that were needed for previous orders, then check tomorrow to make sure they are being done for new orders.


Hello @Outpost_Sales

The Invoice Defect Rate is calculated based on orders placed during the seven-day period starting two weeks ago. So it is possible that you will not see a variation on the rate next day.

@Demel- thank you for your posts!



Cheers for the helpful advice Demel


I’ll look for invoice templates to clear my remaining required invoiced as you suggest thanks