Available October 21, 2021: New Returns Performance dashboard


In our continued efforts to improve your seller-fulfilled returns experience, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Returns Performance dashboard on October 21, 2021. The Returns Performance dashboard will help you monitor your returns performance and proactively address return-related issues.

The Returns Performance dashboard will focus on three key returns performance metrics:

  • Return requests approved in less than 24 hours
  • Total declined return requests
  • Return-related buyer contact rate

Each performance metric will contain details for the following areas:

  • Current metric performance
  • Target metric threshold
  • Definition of the metric
  • Explanation of metric calculation
  • Explanation of importance of metric
  • Policy information

Additionally, the Returns Performance dashboard is launching with the Returns Analysis page, a tool to help you identify and take action on any product listings that experience return issues. This page will help you identify the top return issue for each of your product listings so you can take action to improve the return experience.

Lastly, you can access a pop-up window within the Manage Returns page to view a summary of your returns performance metrics.

To learn more, go to Return Performance dashboard page.


All automated for us now…

We can’t decline any as they are all automated for us.

What does that mean? Clear as mud.

Our experience of this new prepaid return label policy is that buyers now lie about the return reason just to obtain a free return. So now you’re saying we’ll likely have products supressed due to this.

Amazon have a day off will ya.


About right.


I am hoping this will show more information than Voice Of The Customer. Voice of the customer only shows the negative return reasons it would be good to be able to see all return reasons for FBA sellers as we don’t get to see the positive reasons until the return is booked into Amazon


Never had so many returns since you have started forcing sellers to pay £3.35 a time.

What about a dashboard showing the amount that you are charging sellers for returns v the amount it would have cost us if buyers weren’t forced to us your inflated prices?

Cost to send orders to customers = £194.30
Cost charged by Amazon to return the same orders = £368.50

That’s £174.20 extra!

Best one yet. We sent a order with 5 items for £2.30. 5 items returned individually at Amazon prices, £16.75. £19.05 loss on a single order.

Total rip off


We have never asked our customers to return broken products and just asked for pictures so we can claim for postal damages! Now we are getting broken china back and having to pay for this privilege! If its our fault we own it but we are now paying for returns because its damaged in the post (we are happy to send a replacement or refund) but most annoyingly is the customer bought something and then decided it was the wrong size or age or colour or whatever and we still have to pay for return at inflated prices (often more than the product cost in the first place!) Now we are going to be judged on this as well! We are all for the customer but come on! You are just asking for fraudulent activity by dishonest customers.


I would also add that this does not help the environment with all of the unnecessary returns as your vans are not really pollution friendly currently and neither are most delivery companies.


Yet another load of metrics for Amazons bots to beat us up over


We’re now being punished for messages about returns. With these endless new asinine metrics, nobody will be able to sell on here soon. Amazon won’t be holding itself to the same standards of course. I think they’re just sick of having marketplace competition, because they’re just making up reasons at this point.


Who is ‘We’, I wonder ? You are the only ones excited - what is there to be excited about for we sellers ?
Just yet another metric to monitor and beat us over.


3rd one threw me too?


have a look at the returnless refund settings, it might save you some money overall


Not sure how giving away £60 worth of goods is helping anyone, but thanks.

£2.30 was the outbound shipping, then £16.75 was what Amazon charged us for the items to be returned.

We still need the goods back.


“Amazon have a day off will ya.”

:grinning: I am sure that is virtually everyone’s sentiment right now.


So as already mentioned - there won’t be any declined as they are all auto-authorised even after 42 days! And yes, if the customer just selects a fake reason for return the seller also gets stung for the return postage!


Can’t help but get the increasing feeling that the people at Amazon that think these things up are either Sadists or at very least Sellerphobic

We are supposed to be your PARTNERS amazon!

We’re not here to be continually threatened, harassed and picked upon, you’ve taken all the enjoyment out of it, its like being in an abusive marital relationship, I live in fear every day.

Not to mention the EXTREMELY poor Seller “Support” (that name is completely laughable) who ask us to do impossible things to resolve the simplest of problems, who’s main skillset seems to just be copy and paste, and even they are now being replaced with mindless unforgiving Bots.

And then there’s the continually changing gating, to stop us selling any of Amazons Cream and also Amazon hogging the buy box even when they are OOS for months sometimes.

I could go on for hours…


Am I correct that if a customer raises a return and selects ‘description on website not accurate’ that we then cannot charge the return carriage to the buyer? Happy with that if they are correct, but this is being abused by customers and they are selecting that every time - Amazons return charge is more than our charge from our own carrier?


Absolutely, its a joke!


Glad im not part of this sh*t show anymore ,

You really couldnt make it up , a new returns dashboard for an automated service you have no control over


“In our continued efforts to improve your seller-fulfilled returns experience”…

Can anyone list examples of Amazon’s efforts to improve the seller-fullfilled experience?