Best way to create a dummy listing?


Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create a dummy listing to check if any compliance is required prior to proceeding with an idea.

How do I create a listing without using up my GS1 barcodes, I’ve done it months ago before but seemed to have lost the trick… any help?


You’d need gtin exemption however, amazon are known for holding info from dummy listings meaning you cannot change them after

What sort of compliance are you requiring clarification on ?


Thank you!

I’m likely being overcautious but I just wanted to double check: Home & Kitchen > bedding & linens / slipcovers niche


Would they require fire safety regulations (1988) testing ?
Or are they excluded as loose covers :thinking:


That’s the thing I’m wanting to know too. I’ll just do some old fashion Googling, I don’t suppose there is like a handy list somewhere out the world that tells you exactly what is required based on what you sell?


Government website and a phone call to your local trading standards office is my advice


And just to add, if you are private labelling stock, you are responsible for all testing etc
And if importing from china , you need to inform your insurance company as many of the main companies either won’t insure you or, increase your premiums


Got it thank you so much for the advice :smiley:


There’s always the possibility that Amazon ask for compliance info months into a listing too…


You’re not wrong, thanks for your input , much appreciated:grin: