Brexit update: Automated long-term storage removals to be disabled


The UK is set to leave the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union on 1 January, 2021, and a customs border will be established between the UK and the EU. As a result, we will disable automated long-term storage removals on 31 December, 2020.

If you have automated long-term storage removals enabled, this change will require you to manually create removal orders for eligible inventory to avoid long-term storage fees. The change will apply to both automated long-term storage returns and disposals in all EU and UK fulfilment centres.

To check whether you have automated removals enabled, select Fulfilment by Amazon from the Settings drop-down menu and scroll down to Automated long-term storage removals settings.

You can use the Recommended Removal report or the Inventory Health report to identify which inventory would be subject to a long-term storage fee on the next inventory cleanup date.

For more information, visit FBA long-term storage fees and Prepare your Amazon business for Brexit.

We are working to restore this service as soon as possible, and we remain committed to supporting your business.


Does anyone actually fall for that. You’re having a laugh, Amazon spends all it’s time trying to put us out of business.


you are right monkey boy they seem to be getting increasingly more obtuse its a shame because for all its faults it is a great platform to sell on if you have the right stock its almost like a license to print money at times

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