Can FBA stock in the UK be used to fulfil orders in EU using MCF?


I recently discovered that stock I was storing in UK Amazon warehouses could be used to fulfil orders in the EU using FBA and so far it’s gone very well with no orders being returned at the customs borders (which used to happen a lot when I was fulfilling orders from my merchant stock). I also use MCF to fulfil UK orders from other platforms such as Ebay etc. Each time I go to the ‘create MCF order’ page it automatically fills in ‘United Kingdom’ by default with a note underneath reading ‘Only domestic postal addresses allowed’. However if I sign out of Amazon Seller Central UK and go to Seller Central Italy and go to the MCF page it fills in Italy by default but the note underneath now reads ‘International postal addresses allowed’ and the drop down list has all the other EU countries. I don’t have stock stored anywhere in the EU it’s only stored in UK, so does this mean Amazon would despatch to EU using my UK stock in the same way they do with my EU FBA orders? The postal charge seems very low and looks like it doesn’t include any extra for VAT, unless they intend to add it on at a later stage.


I would imagine if your stock is in uk, and this is the message on uk site, they won’t ship cross border

Edit - here’s the info on the help page

Exporting orders to buyers outside of the UK is currently not available.


Fot International orders, do you not use ebays GSP ?


Thanks for sharing the UK only MCF info.

I’ve avoided Ebay GSP as it produces few sales for us, I think due to the excess charges Ebay add, we’ve had a few complaints from customers.


I don’t put in a packing slip / invoice for my gsp orders

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