Converting a "generic" product into a branded product


Hi all,

Just trying to get my mind around this, without experimenting and causing disruption to our sales. :confused:

We make printed goods, like business cards, thank you cards etc.

As we have been waiting for our brand to be approved we started selling our custom products anyway, and we’re finally getting traction (thankfully).

I want to change the “Generic” products into branded products. They are still ours, as we do the whole process from printing to shipping, but now we can actually call it a brand.

Does anyone have any pointers/pitfalls that I should be aware of before I start trying this process? I would appreciate your feedback on this.

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Unfortunately, you wont be able to do this as the item is now a “different” product as it has become brand registered.


Nasty. :thinking:

So even though it currently has NO brand (Generic), we cant claim it?

Does that mean I will have to essentially REMAKE all our listings and compete with our own products in the hope that the branded ones succeed?

I can change the data here, but it looks like it could introduce a conflict?


have you now got a trademark or brand approval ?


We now have a trademark, and have enrolled it into our seller account - which has been approved.


if I were to change the card in the example above - would that mean that:

a: Amazon will make the item with part number: FoilThankYouCardsA6 become one of our brand items? This would be fine


b: Amazon will attempt to make all A6 thank you cards part of our brand (this would be terrible)

As a side note, we have a few different listings of business cards - if I try to change the brand on one of them, the system says this:

The value ‘Crazy Panther’ specified cannot be used as it conflicts with the value ‘Generic’ for ASIN Z in the Amazon catalogue. If this is ASIN ‘B09FT4BD6X’, update the value to match the ASIN data. If this is a different product, update identifying information (UPC/EAN/Part Number/etc).

What would you think? :slight_smile:


That’s because you cannot change a brand on a listing once it’s in the catalogue. Policy states you need to create a new listing
There have been sellers report that they have managed to do it but they’ve had to contact SS with GS1 certs, brand registry proof etc and even then its pot luck on the agent you speak with


Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

At least that’s clarified it. Would have been nice to do that - would be neater etc. This feels a lot like starting from scratch (even though it isn’t).