Customer details missing on FBA can we make invoices for them?


I am suddenly seeing the following on business and private customer FBA orders "In order to further protect our customers’ personal information, this page will not display the buyer’s name or shipping address. "

All I am getting is the last 3 lines of the address, no company/individual names etc, nor 1st line of address.

OK, Amazon want to protect their client…but how can I get to make the buyer an Invoice if I can’t get their details?

Thanks for any help, appreciated.



In my account, the details are only missing from orders already shipped weeks ago.

How old are the orders which have their addresses hidden?


Just checked my FBA orders no name or street address just town & postcode.This is all orders shipped up to last night.Just checked order reports its the same town/postcode only so impossible to provide invoices if requested by buyer.
Saves me the job of looking for Business orders,probably one of Amazons stupidest updates yet!!


Come and join the discussion here where you will see more on this:

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