Difference between a "normal" FBA product and homemade?


I’m familiar with selling on FBA, in the normal categories, but on a totally different account.

Now I have homemade set of products and have been accepted into Homemade.

I understand you can not convert a homemade product to a normal product or vice versa, but you can (I think?) send in homemade products to FBA.

So I’m wondering what the main difference is?

Will homemade products still show up in the normal listings? Example, for “pillow cover” - will there be both homemade and normal products shown side by side?

Or is there a totally separate shop, like an Amazon-Etsy, that people need to look in to find my homemade products?

Sorry if this has all been covered before… :wink:


Short answer, yes.
I sell in both Handmade & regular.
Handmade did have a problem with visibility (way down the search results), but it’s a lot better now.
If I did a search for me (items are under my name and business name), you’d get a mixture of the Handmade and the not Handmade.


Just to note that you didn’t need a new account to sell in handmade


Never spotted/picked up on that. Good point. Is having two accounts wise?


True, but the other account is not owned by me - I work on it with someone else.

So this is my first account personally, and I’m very glad to hear that we can sell both handmade and normal FBA products on the same account.


oh - you’re not accessing both accounts now are you ?


Good question - as I noted above the other account isn’t owned by me.

On the topic of having more than one account though, I believe previously it was frowned upon and best practise was to check with amazon seller support first before opening a new account (for example, if you owned two totally separate brands in separate categories).

These days though I think it is OK to sell on more than one account in order to sell multiple brands that you own.


Good answer - thank you. Both aspects (ranking and selling normal / handmade products together) are as I’d hoped they might be.


it is - as long as they are owned by two separate businesses and are both in good standing
if you access both accounts now there will be a link and if either of you are now suspended , both of you will be