EFN Fees: How much more than RM Click & Drop?


I am just looking into using EFN for some of my listings in Europe but trying to find out what the additional cost will be is proving difficult.

At the moment, I am using Royal Mail Click and Drop to fulfil our orders in Europe using the IOSS system; here in the UK I do use FBA, so creating EFN listings isn’t an issue but I want to know, naturally, how much more expensive this will be so I can adjust my asking prices accordingly.

At the moment it is costing around £6.00 to post a 100g package with a pair of sunglasses in it, to a European customer. Do you think Amazon’s EFN fee will be more that this and, if so, approximately how much?

Many thanks to anyone who can help.


The prices for EFN are on the rates card. Shouldn’t be too hard to compare.

But I believe you store stock in foreign countries? So would therefore need to be VAT registered in that country





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No I stopped doing that after Brexit and de-registered for VAT in Europe. I’m only interested in EFN from our UK stock now.


Thank so much for this.

At 6,61 - 6,81 euros it is cheaper than using our Royal Mail account, so a no-brainer really - EFN is the way to go, and less work as we won’t have to individually pick and pack the orders anymore. We also won’t then need to use Ezi Returns which will be another saving.


I believe Amazon add on a 3.99 delivery charge to buyers , are you charging a delivery fee ?


I am in Spain and Italy but not currently Germany or France, however the increased cost to the buyer will to some extent at least be offset by the return of having the Prime delivery and far greater customer confidence. After Brexit our sales tanked once we started doing direct fulfilment simply because of the long delivery times.

It is of course almost impossible to know to what extent a higher asking price is offset by having Prime back - only time will tell on that one I think. I am reasonably optimistic it will turn out okay but my plan initially is to trial EFN in Spain and Italy and see where we go from there. our sales in both countries are quite poor as it is so there is virtually no risk in trialing EFN.


Do you know if there is any way of removing that 3.99 delivery fee?


No, amazon charge it and keep it afaik


Okay, thanks. It’s a bit of a shame that can’t be removed and then added to the asking price instead as I think that works better since customers love free shipping.


The only way to do that would be to have stock in the buyers country