Error message when creating Shipment


When creating a Shipment we are getting an error message :

1 Error
This product must be removed from the shipment because there are currently no fulfilment centres in the destination country capable of receiving the product.

Our product is not a dangerous good, is one of 4 variations ( the other 3 sent fine with no errors) and nothing has changed on the listing.

Has anyone else had this issue lately?


Check the weight and dimensions of that variation


Checked all that, this is the smallest and lightest of all the variations


Whats the asin ?


Hey @Tec_Chemicals_Ltd,

Any updates?



No updates i keep getting a response saying that the product is eligible for manufacturer barcodes.


Have you actually checked what the dimensions are against the product? We had a product giving an error but it was because the packaged product was detailed as weighing 65KG instead of 65g! Remember each product will have an ‘item’ dimension and an ‘item package dimension’.


Yes, checked all that. All details on the listing are correct